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Things to do before the holidays kill you.

Sunday, December 2
Tomahawk, w/ DJ Swamp, Mike Patton loves Portland and Portland loves Mike Patton’s Tomahawk
Tomahawk is a four-piece all-star rock band consisting of Duane Denison, Mike Patton (Phantamos, Mr. Bungle), Kevin Rutmanis (The Melvins, Cows) and John Stanier (Helmet). Tomahawk differs from Mr. Bungle and Phantamos in that it is much more straightforward rock. By no means is this typical, predictable sludge metal. It’s more about creating energy than trying to blow your mind with instrumentation and cultured insanity like Patton’s other projects. These talented boys are going to rock your balls off I promise you that.

Berbatti’s Pan
Monday, December 3
Call and Response,
The music of Call and Response draws from the spirit of the past, but with the savvy smirk of the future. You see, C.A.R. aren’t interested in digressing into their Wonder Years.

They’re about creating fresh classic pop songs with sophistication and soul. Blackbird, 503-224-9900

Thursday, December 6
International Noise Conspiracy, Rival Schools, The Hives, One-Time Angels
Dennis Lyxz?n (vocals & tambourine) paid his dues in the infamous outfit called Refused, which unfortunately self-destructed one evening on tour somewhere. After Refused called it quits, Dennis, dead set on destruction, notified the other members, in an almost Blues Brothers-esque way, that the mission was about to start. Musical and political preferences had brought them together to try something new. Not “new” in the sense of creating something new or being “innovators,” but to use their musical backgrounds and influences in new contexts. The Meow Meow, All Ages.

Friday, December 7
Angels Of Light, Virgil Shaw, Carissa’s Weird
Angels Of Light is the brainchild of the great Michael Gira, the driving force behind the world-renowned Swans. The Swans (1982-1997) were groundbreakers as far as “Industrial” (which has turned into something completely putrid now) and “Goth.” The hauntingly heavy undertones and the ever so slow pounding of the Swans broke the mold of and were never again properly imitated. Gira’s new band, in which all members look like the 7-foot ghosts of 2000-year-old Vikings, is most definitely worth experiencing.

Carissa’s Weird (Seattle), which features an ex-Modest Mouse member, gives us a more innocent, interesting sound. Carissa’s Weird is a delightful experience. The music rolls off the stage effortlessly.

Although almost lazy at times this band will be a nice treat before a meal of blood and guts in Angels of Light.

Berbati’s Pan
Saturday, December 15
Holy Sons (CD release) The Planet The, The Long Winters

The Holy Sons breathe life back into your spirit with almost perfect vocals and charm to match. If your burn out on thinking from those dastardly finals, then this show is the one for you. You can just lay back and listen to the love-inspired poems flow delicately over soft-handed music.

The Blackbird