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Things to do before the world ends

Thursday, Nov.8
Yo La Tengo is a great band. If your someone who is sad, oh so sad about the state that rock ‘n’ roll or pop music is in right now then go see this band and they will show you that there is hope for all of us. They will turn your frown up side down. (see story)(Ritchie Young)
The Guild Theater

Oregon Book Awards
Come see all of Oregon’s literary gliteratti at an event they may actually dress for. Short story writer Peter Ho Davies serves as master of ceremonies for this year’s installment of the schmoozefest. It is amazing how many published writers there are living in Oregon – give it up, kid, you’ll never make it. (Gavin Adair)
709 S.W. 15th, 7:30 p.m., $15

Sound Tribe Sector 9
I saw this band perform outdoors at a jam band festival in Southern Oregon. I was going to strangle someone if I heard another band that sounded like the Dead. Then STS9 came on and I got up and danced in the hot sun. They “jam,” but incorporate nifty electronic beats, loops, samples and other such goodies into the mix. The result is pretty groovy and a fine way to space out. (Aaron Miles) Crystal Ballroom

Speaking of spacing out, this show should take you to the nether regions of your spaced out little mind. Find out what the buzz is about. (see story) (AM) Roseland

Friday, Nov.9
Pinback, Boilermaker, The Swords Project
San Diego’s Pinback live is just as good or better than their albums, which are the greatest accomplishments by man to date. (RY)
Berbati’s Pan

This film, from the director of “Delicatessen” and “The City of Lost Children,” will pull at your heartstrings like only French film can do. (GA)
Fox Tower

Sunday, Nov. 11
Kip Kotzen and Thomas Beller
Powells City of Books will host editors Kip Kotzen and Thomas Beller as they present “With Love and Squalor.” The book is a commentary written by 14 authors on the work of JD Salinger. Salinger’s work, in particular “The Catcher in the Rye” has been a rite of passage for many young Americans since its publication in 1951. The contributing authors commented on many pieces of Salinger’s various works, including “Fanny and Zooey” and “Nine Stories” with which the title “With Love and Squalor” is taken. (Angie Kincheloe)

Monday, Nov.12
Sparklehorse, The Actual Tigers
Sparklehorse is in the top five of almost every rock stars list of all time great bands. This low-fi roots rock will rock you into a submission hold of audio pleasure. The Actual Tigers is not shabby itself giving Sparklehorse a run for its money. It’s a race and the queen herself shall run the checkered flag.(RY) Berbati’s Pan

Tuesday, Nov.13
Weezer, Tenacious D, Jimmy Eat World
Weezer’s radio hits have given us all our ’90s sing-along classics. Go pay respects to a band that at one time was good, no great. Tencious D is funny as hell and twice as scary. Jack Black (Movie Star/Just strange cat) pulls out all the stops and gives 100 percent to his character. Jimmy Eats World is playing arenas now so they must be good. Go see a band that at one time was one of the great indie rock bands of the western world. “I’m taken my kisses back from you owee owee owee oh.” That’s really good stuff!(RY)
Rose Garden Arena

How to go to College Almost for Free
Powells Books in Beaverton will host author and scholarship guru Ben Kaplan His book is entitled “How to go to College Almost for Free”. With almost $90,000 in free money for his own education, he is an excellent source for information about applying for and winning scholarships. The title of his book however seems a little clumsy for someone who has had such expensive schooling. (AK)

Now through January 6
European Masterpieces
The Portland Art Museum is exhibiting works by all the heaviest hitter in European art history. This show, on loan from an Australian gallery currently undergoing remodeling, runs through Jan. 6, but if you keep putting it off you’re going to miss it. (GA)
1219 S.W. Park Ave.