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Things to do before the world ends

Thursday, Nov. 15
A Flea in Her Ear
This production from PSU theater arts department is about a woman who is determined to catch her husband being unfaithful. Written by George Feydeau at the turn of the last century and directed by professor Glenn Gauer, “A Flea in Her Ear” promises lots of laughs. As a student, you pay only six bucks to get in. (Gavin L. Adair)

8 p.m. Plays Thursday-Saturday (last performance) in Lincoln Performance Hall.

Friday, Nov. 16
Bastinado, Electro Group and Blue Star Creeper
Thirty Ought-Six was the great hope of Portland in the early ’90s. What ever happened to those guys? Well one member at least is playing in Portland Friday, in his new band Bastinado. They encompass the same dynamic and close to the same energy. To tell you the truth they are actually really good! (Ritchie Young)Blackbird, 503-224-9900

Mullholland Drive
David Lynch is back and the result is a return to form. Want to take a date to scary movie? Want to see something that will leave you puzzling for days? Go see “Mullholland Drive,” it will leave you smiling, it will leave you scratching your head. Oh yeah, bring your student ID so you don’t get ripped off too bad. (GLA)Fox Tower 10

Lee Scratch Perry, Systemwide, J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science
Every time Lee Perry comes to town, people tell me it will be his last visit because he’s going nuts. I think, being the innovative producer he is, he’s just busy being innovative. Who knows? He lays down some fun, deep spacey dub that is worth checking out, even if he does seem to keep popping up here every other month. Local dub and electronic group Systemwide’s hypnotically modern sounds are more than worth catching too. (Aaron Miles)

Crystal Ballroom, all ages 9 p.m.

The Pharcyde, Souls of Mischief, Planet Asia, Pep Love
Like a good underground rock show, some acts on this bill may be better than the headliner. I caught the Pharcyde last year expecting to be as entertained by them as I was when their albums were bumped at parties of days past. I was sorely disappointed by the lackluster performance that featured one or maybe two original members. I’m willing to give them another chance, especially to see Pep Love of the Hieroglyphics crew, Cali. underground fave. Planet Asia and the tight duo Souls of Mischief. (AM)

Roseland, 9 p.m. all ages

Saturday, Nov. 17
Six Minute Heartstop, Durango Park and Annavox
Six-Minute Heartstop is quite good at experimenting with sound without turning it into some sort of noise fest. The experimenting has rhythm and is very intelligent. It’s hardcore for the thinking man and at the same time experimental enough for the music geeks. (RY)

Blackbird, 503-224-9900

Head to the Boiler Room at Northwest Third and Davis, the old home of salsa spot La Rumba, to catch the sounds of campus favorite DJ Miles, always one to spin “the funky stuff,” as he likes to call it. Man-about-town Mr. Kenoy Williams will join his friend in what should be a night of good times and good dancin’ tunes. (GLA)

Fernando, Richmond Fontaine
Oh Fernando, play me another sweet southern roots rock melody! If you have a beating heart and ears to boot, you have to love Fernando’s roots style rock. His Spanish influence gets the ladies up and dancing so bring a date. (RY)


Monday, Nov. 19
Ugly Casanova, Les Savi Fav and Defacto
Hailing from the East Coast, Les Savi Fav rocks you with an ’80s-style weirdo rock. I love this band’s stage presence, and I know you will too. They have the capability to put on a really strange live show. For example writing (vocally) into their diaries while on stage and then putting some lipstick on and running into the wall again and again. Watching this band is like going to a junior high sleep over. They are really cool! (RY)

Blackbird, 503-224-9900

Tuesday, Nov. 20
Beachwood Sparks, The Glands, Love As Laughter
Beachwood sparks will take you sitting down, standing up, however. Just make sure you are good and prepared for a psychedelic journey. (GLA)

Blackbird, 21+, $8