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Things to do with the ransom money


Diagram of Suburban Chaos

The next few days prove that boring techno is definitely in hiding. San Diego’s Diagram of Suburban Chaos, on the way up in name recognition with a feature review in Spin, claimed a total song output of 65 songs in the year 2000 alone. Expect 10-20 tonight. With N-Grava and Dampkrane.

Blackbird, 3728 N.E. Sandy Blvd., 9:30 p.m., $6, 21+ w/ID


Crazy montage footage culled from the Scopatone archives, the Scopatone being a video jukebox that made its home in bars in the United States and France in the ’60s. Sporting racy dancing and hilarious camp accompanying many great songs you’ve never heard before, the Scopatone was way ahead of its time.

Clinton Street Theater, 2522 S.E. Clinton St., 7 and 9 p.m.


Kirby Grips

This all-femme trio has a ’60s pop-punk girl group feel. They’re playing a short set at Music Millennium on Saturday, following the pre-Valentine’s Day blowout with Birdy Num Num on Friday night (see story page 4). If you choose one of Super Friday’s other events, be sure to catch them here.

Music Millennium 801 N.W. 23rd,1 p.m., FREE


Lawson Inada

Japanese American poet Inada is first made his name as one of the editors of “AIEEE!,” the seminal anthology of Asian American literature. Here to read poetry and discuss the internment of Japanese Americans (which he was subjected to) during World War II, Inada will read as part of a series entitled “Learning from Our Past.”

Smith Center Ballroom, 12 p.m., FREE


Here comes Phoenicia to electrify the Blackbird with all of its glitchy and sputtering yet bass-heavy sound. Even if Binary 2 doesn’t quite satisfy your itch, Miami natives and Schematic record label owners Josh Kay and Romulo Del Castillo will certainly do your brainy booty some good. Also performing is Schematic stalwart Otto Von Schirach. Much Kudos to OMCO for pulling these guys all the way up here from the farthest corner of the Sunbelt.

Blackbird, 3728 N.E. Sandy Blvd., 9:30 p.m. $7, 21+ w/ID