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To Rococo Root

Kolner Brett, the album, is a work commissioned by the architects of Kolner Brett, a living and working apartment building in Cologne. The occasion was Archilab, an architectural exhibition held in Orleans, France in May of this year. To Rococo Rot was the perfect choice for such a project because the group’s angular, sometimes boxy compositions work as an analogy to the building’s postmodern, glorified shoebox look.

Kolner Brett is comprised of twelve untitled tracks clocking in at three minutes each, and each track can be heard as a representation of a room in the building. The group stays with more space-inspired compositions, sparse and minimal in the German tradition, but then opens up with the bass lines that are To Rococo Rot’s trademark, and which open up a sense of actual living spaces; perfect utility in the sparser compositions, brought near to sleep by others, and welcomed into Kolner Brett’s reception areas in others. The hearbeat of a building lives in this record.