Illustration by Hanna Oberlander

Twix and treat

Why Twix is the best Halloween candy

Many people had their favorite candy when going trick or treating as a kid on Halloween, but the best was always Twix. This is because when mixed in with the tiny candies, hard candies or even the toothbrush you get from your dentist neighbor, Twix stands out.


Twix combines two of the other greatest candies out there—KitKat and Snickers. Twix has the best of both worlds, with the chocolate and caramel of Snickers and the wafers of a KitKat. This combination is why Twix is simply the best candy out there. The mix of chocolate and caramel is so creamy and the wafer gives it just enough crunch. But how does it compare against other candies?


One example might be Jolly Ranchers. These are sweet like other candies, but sucking on them takes forever. Also, Jolly Ranchers are rock-hard, so although it is possible to chew them it is difficult to do so—even if you manage to chew these hard candies you may crack your teeth if you’re not careful. With Twix this is not a problem, as instead you can just chew them and enjoy the chocolatey, caramel goodness.


The second example of a candy that just doesn’t compare to a Twix bar is those chocolate eyeballs you sometimes find during the Halloween season. This candy is really just a chocolate ball, which is boring because it’s only milk chocolate, and not very much of it at that. Twix, on the other hand, has this and much more with its previously mentioned combo of chocolate, caramel and wafers. Also, the fact that they are fashioned to look like eyes is just gross. The glorious candy bar Twix isn’t shaped like any part of the human body.


Furthermore, Twix is also a superior candy because unlike other candies, it can be enjoyed by two or more people. Despite including some allergenic ingredients, Twix has no nuts, unlike the candies Snickers, Peanut M&Ms or Almond Joy. Those with nut allergies can enjoy this chocolate bar too! This is a major plus because lots of people have an allergic reaction to nuts of any kind. In fact, 6.1 million people on earth are allergic to peanuts and 3.9 million people are allergic to tree nuts, as reported by Food Allergy Research and Education, an organization that promotes allergy awareness and advocacy.


It’s hardly a competition when it comes to the question of the best candy to get on Halloween. Whether you’re a kid trick-or-treating or an adult watching a scary movie at home, the answer is clear. Twix is truly the best candy to get on this chilling holiday. The only candy worth craving this Halloween season is Twix. What’s not to love?