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Most dogs spend their days digging holes in back yards and attacking mailmen, but some dogs have to bring in a paycheck. That’s right, this week we are saluting those fine young puppies that risk their lives in order to keep the world safe from criminals for just one more day. These hardworking canines have a job to do, and believe me, you are in good hands.

“Turner and Hooch”, now that’s the ticket, a clean freak and a slobbering dog thrown together to solve the case. Although Hooch doesn’t start out as a crime fighter, this hard drinking badass is a natural. During Turner’s last week on the job in his sleepy little town his crusty old sea captain friend is murdered. Now Turner has the responsibility of taking care of the old man’s dog and finding his killer. That’s just too much work for one man. He needs the help of his partner, played by perennial celluloid cop Reginald VelJohnson (Family Matters) and his trusty new dog Hooch.

Turner is a man with some deep psychological issues that cause him to be obsessively clean, so you can imagine the madness and mayhem that a dirty stinky dog causes when he moves in to Turner’s apartment. Comedy doesn’t get much better than that folks.

I guess if you are Chuck Norris, you can get away with anything. The “Walker Texas Ranger” star has made a tour de force film that should be added to any home video collection. “Top Dog” directed by none other than Chuck’s brother Aaron Norris, is a film that we can all relate to. Reno the dog’s human partner is killed by mobsters, so he is paired up with Norris to solve the crime. The tag line for this one is “one’s tough … the other is smart.” I bet you can’t guess who is who in that statement.

John Belushi was a funny guy indeed, but his brother Jim isn’t too shabby himself. In his dog and cop film called “K-9”, the fun never stops. My dad will attest to that, it’s a keeper.

Belushi plays a tough cop who needs the help of a dog named Jerry Lee to nab a group of drug dealers. There is a catch though Jerry Lee is too smart for his own good and only works when he wants to. Damn dogs, why can’t they just do what they’re told! This film is full of surprises and action so all you dog lovers out there will be more than satisfied.

Although “C.H.O.M.P.S.” is not about a dog and a cop it does have a mystery and a lot of fun. C.H.O.M.P.S. is about a boy who creates a robot dog with cop powers like x-ray vision and built-in crime detectors. Like any movie with a brilliant invention, an evil genius steals it and the kid with the heart of gold has to get it back. What I want to know is what the hell does C.H.O.M.P.S stand for? I think that mystery is one that may never be answered. (It’s “Canine Home Protection System.” Get with it, Angie!–ed.)

Have a great week and remember: now that the TV is only showing re-runs you will have more time to rent great flicks.