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Wallace and Zhu win

About 1100 Portland State students elected the new student representatives for the 2002-03 school year. The number slightly exceeds the number of voters in student elections last year by about 100.

Kristin Wallace was elected student body president. Dune Zhu will serve as vice president. Wallace and Zhu received 656 votes.

Tracy Earll won the race for Student Fee Committee Chair, receiving 515 of the 1100 votes cast.

The new Student Fee Committee members will be Chase LoGreco, Tiffany Jenks, Elizabeth Jackson, Erin McCarty and Quinn Collett. Chase LoGreco received 398 votes, Tiffany Jenks received 323 votes, Elizabeth Jackson received 317 votes, Erin McCarty received 311 votes and Quinn Collett received 298 votes.

The 19 new ASPSU senators for the 2002-2003 are as follows: David Jimenez, Jesse Shapiro, Lauren McCartney, Kara MacKillop, Pollyanne Birge, Cassidy Blackburn, Dimitris Desyllas, Rebecca Pierce, Justice McPherson, Joseph Johnson, Shahriyar Smith, Michael-Sean Kelley, Crystal Steinmueller, David Vote, Nathan Pawlicki, Charlene Kusner, Joshua Morris, Nathan Sackett and Douglas Rhodes.

Revisions to the ASPSU constitution were approved, with 627 votes in favor of the changes and 143 against approval of the new constitution.