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Wallace impeachment proposed

The ASPSU senate discussed the possibility of impeaching student body President Kristin Wallace at yesterday’s senate meeting.

Some members of the senate expressed concerns about Wallace’s accountability to her position, to the senate and to the rest of the ASPSU executive staff.

The discussion of Wallace’s possible impeachment came after Sen. Dimitris Desyllas asked former ASPSU Vice President Dune Zhu and former cultural affairs director Jason Lowery to discuss their recent resignations with the senate.

Both of their reasons were similar, and dealt with honesty in the ASPSU office and respect from particular members of the executive staff. They also mentioned conflicts that had arisen between themselves and Wallace.

Desyllas was also upset at Wallace’s recent request for veto power over the senate that she made to the Evaluation and Constitutional Review Committee (E&CR).

During discussions, Sen. Caine Lowery said he wanted at least a “no confidence” vote from the senate towards Wallace, and that he has thought seriously about making a motion for her impeachment.

Desyllas agreed, and added that he would also like to ask Zhu and Jason Lowery to reconsider their resignations, particularly in the event of Wallace’s impeachment.

Zhu’s commented, “I resigned for myself, not to play politics.”

The senate was unable to suspend it’s bylaws in order to make a “no confidence” vote, however they plan to address the issue in their next meeting.

Some senators did not feel impeachment is the right course of action at this time, regardless of their personal feelings towards Wallace’s credibility.

Sen. Rebecca Pierce pointed out that Wallace’s term is almost over, and her vacancy would leave ASPSU without a president or vice president.

Sen. Nathan Pawlicki, also a member of the E&CR, recommended senators concerned about how well Wallace has fulfilled her presidential duties present a list of her violations to the E&CR for review. The E&CR would then be able to take appropriate action based on that information.

“Impeachment will only create more layers of problems,” Pawlicki said.

Wallace did not try to defend herself at any point, but stated that she wanted to remain professional. She also emphasized the need for ASPSU to remain productive throughout the rest of their terms.

“We only have a month and a half left,” she said. “Let’s get some work done.”

Wallace did say that she felt it was important for senators to voice their concerns, and that they can always come talk to her. She also recommended that any senator can bring any of their concerns before the E&CR for further scrutiny.

In other business, Caine Lowery asked the senate to pass a resolution against Daniel “Preacher Dan” Lee preaching on campus, and that they find him offensive.

“Preacher Dan is an asshole,” Lowery said.

Other senators seemed to agree with Lowery’s description, and added their own concerns with his presence on campus.

“He’s creating an unsafe space on our campus,” Sen. Pollyanne Birge said, also voicing her concerns about harassment.

“He’s pretty universally offensive,” added Sen. Justin Meyers.

Many senators also brought up the point the Park Blocks where Lee speaks is public property that belongs to the city of Portland, not the university.

Sen. Kara MacKillop emphasized the need for reports to be made to the police when Lee harasses anyone, disturbs the peace or is generally out of line.

Also during the meeting, Sen. Cassidy Blackburn tried to reopen and revote on the referendum issue for the recycling program.

Not enough support was given, however, for the issue to be readdressed. Before storming out of the meeting, Blackburn started shouting out of turn, exclaiming, “This is bullshit!”