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What are real live PSU students thankful for?

Thanksgiving eh? We all get a little vacation before finals called “Thanksgiving break,” which is really nice because it gives us time to forget about scholastic woes and gorge ourselves with all sorts of food and drink.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Thanksgiving is about over-satisfying one’s physical hungers by indulging in an orgy of earthly delights, or in layman’s terms “getting your grub and drink on.” My personal favorite is a sandwich consisting of ice cream, turkey, cranberry sauce and two Tablespoons of butter in between two hot pieces of poppy seed bread, Oh yeah and a bowl of room temp Coors Light for dipping. I call it “Ritchie’s there’s no tomorrow sandwich. Is it all about the food? No, of course not. For me, it’s about seeing friends and family again, and realizing, after a couple of hours of hanging with them, why we all move so far away.

Since this is an Arts & Culture article, I decided to see what sort of cultural views of Thanksgiving students had at PSU! Randomly, I walked around and asked PSU students what they were thankful for, what they were not thankful for and what music and or movies they were going to indulge in over the Thanksgiving break. This little experiment is a break from the norm of music reviews and show previews that have made me famous at the Vanguard (the only thing that I am truly famous for at the Vanguard is my horrible spelling and the vocabulary of a drunk eight year old boy).

Andrew P. Salk
is an undergraduate Math Major at PSU and is also a sound technician with our beloved PMB (Popular Music Board.)

BWhat are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Andrew: I am thankful for the cushiest, extremely challenging and educational (just in case my boss is reading this,) job I have ever had. Oh yeah and I am glad the “agitations” on my genitalia are going away!

What are you not thankful for?
Andrew: I am not thankful for the political/economic environment we are all living in today. Did you know that there are actually people out there without cell phones? It makes me sick!

What will you do to entertain yourself over the break?
Andrew: I will be in my dark, dark room listening to my favorite band, Fennesc. They are this like weird, ambient, beautifully glitchy band from Germany. Oh, yes I will also be watching the new Star Trek TV show. I flip out over the sexual tension they’ve got going; it makes the hairs on my palms just stand up. I am the skull!

Adam Doyal
is a Mechanical Engineering student and has a love for collecting disgruntled rats.

What are most you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Adam: I am very glad that I have my girlfriend, oh sweet, sweet baby Jesus, she means the world to me!

What are you not thankful for?
Adam: I get very upset when my rats bite my girlfriend! It’s like the two things I love the most in this crazy world don’t get along. It makes going on living very hard to do!

What will you do to entertain yourself over the break?
Adam: I am going home to my parent’s place to eat food, poop in a clean bathroom and I will most likely bring my Soft Cell CD! When I’m not listening to Soft Cell I will be watching my favorite video, “Space Balls.” (Adam then went into a vocal version of “Tainted Love” that really freaked me out! Then he asked me if I wanted to see his rats. I politely declined.)

Trevino Brings Plenty
is a music major that enjoys making music and working at the reserve desk in the library. Not only does have all that going for him, he is also a very successful DJ on KPSU 1450 am. His show broadcasts on Saturdays 9-10 p.m., called Super Unconscious Ebonics (shameless plug).

What are you most thankful for this Thanksgiving?
Trevino: I am thankful for “The Man” who has kept me down all these years (Trevino giggled sardonically while answering this question).

What are you not thankful for?
Trevino: I don’t subscribe to the whole idea of Thanksgiving being an American holiday.

From the get go this holiday has been completely misrepresented in fairy tale history. I do enjoy being around friends and appreciating them, but I don’t need a designated day to show them.

What will you do to entertain yourself over the break?
Trevino: I will hang out with my one friend (my cat) and make him listen to my recording project entitled Fuc Luv. I will also be listening to former Portland band, Year 5000, while eating my way into a light coma with my lady friend by my side!

You may ask yourself, “What is the point of all this?” or “Why did he opt to only interview males?” or even “Does the author of this article have any journalistic integrity at all?” Those are valid questions, but I’m not ready to confront them right now. It might throw me into holiday depression. Although this experiment is all but pointless, it does give you a hint of the type of people who make our student body. It’s a brief synopsis of the opinions and personalities that we walk by every day and take for granted. My wish for thanksgiving is that every one could spend at least 10 minutes a day getting to know someone new at PSU. It would make life more interesting for all of us. I am glad I got to meet these people. It made me realize how insane some people really are around finals time and in general! Happy Turkey/Tofurkey Day y’all!