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Who wants to shake it?

Pol Pop Dance Party


Lola퀌_s Room,

1332 W. Burnside

9 p.m.



Washington, D.C. band Weird War (formerly the Scene Creamers) are coming to Portland to play music you can shake your ass to. But their high-energy show and bass heavy music is just the start of the dance extravaganza they are staging tonight at Lola퀌_s Room.

The Pol Pop Dance Party features Weird War as well as local band Glass Candy. Three Djs 퀌_ DJ Dignificant Worm, DJ Name Names and DJ Authenticity 퀌_ will fill in the gaps throughout the night, spinning everything from soul to disco.

Weird War members Michelle Mae (bass and guitar), Alex Minoff (guitar) and Ian Svenonius (vocals) create a rock �n퀌_ roll sound inspired by punk and soul. Their first full length album, I Suck On That Emotion, released in January, has been called edgy, political and sentimental. Svenonius is said to have a 퀌�swaggering퀌� stage presence, and Mae was recently up for Playboy퀌_s 퀌�Sexiest Babe of Indie Rock퀌� title.

Svenonious, long an underground cult favorite, is known for his involvement in the late-�80s punk band Nation of Ulysses. He met Mae as front man for The Make-Up, culminating in their work together as Weird War.

Portland band Glass Candy consists of Ida No on vocals and Johnny Jewel on guitar. Gone now is drummer Ginger Peach who, according to Jewel, 퀌�bit the dust like the seven drummers preceding her.퀌�

Friends of Weird War, No and Jewel accepted their offer to tour the Northwest this fall. Their performance style is pure glam, though Jewel says it is 퀌�usually pretty messy.퀌�


Critics have described Glass Candy as inept and as one of the best bands in the United States. For more than five years, they have played what they dub 퀌�death disco.퀌� The music is heavy, minimal and driven by No퀌_s vocals. Reviewers often compare her singing to that of David Bowie퀌_s. Incidentally, she was a fellow nominee for the Playboy title.

Jewel has an interesting take on the evening as a whole. To would-be dance-party-goers, he offers these words of encouragement: 퀌�The vibe should be really upbeat, with lots of dancing. Igor [of Weird War] and Ida both are incredible to see. ���� The floor is really slick. Tons of well-dressed dudes acting like they aren퀌_t really checking each other out.퀌�

As for the meaning of the name of the show 퀌_ Pol Pop 퀌_ Jewel can only guess. 퀌�I haven퀌_t the slightest clue,퀌� he said. 퀌�Pop is to popular as ���� pol is to politic? ���� Maybe.