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Attendees observe a 2015 student senate debate in Smith Memorial Student Union. Low participation this year forced the student government to push back deadlines for candidacy and voting. Anh Duc Do/PSU Vanguard

Student-centered, student-led

As I finish my last year at Portland State, I feel more discontent about the university than I have in a long time. I’ve written before about all of the…
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Workers in the U.S. and Mexico have called for a boycott of berry producer Driscoll's, alleging worker abuse. Chavelin Gonzalez/PSU Vanguard

There are no cheap luxuries

A recent New York Times article about manicure technicians and the awful working conditions they deal with has made the rounds, and people are shocked at the things that happen…
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Oregon Students rally against tuition increases in front of the State Capitol in Salem in Feb. 2015. Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

State politics have larger impact at home than national politics

​​People, myself included, have already started shifting their focus and rampant speculation to the presidential elections, even though it’s only May of 2015. As big and entertaining as presidential races…
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Riot officers form a line against protesters during the Baltimore demonstrations in 2015. Voice of America News/Public Domain

Don’t condemn the rioters

A couple weeks ago, Baltimore saw a series of protests and riots, and I saw comments across the Internet and on cable news about how “they’re just destroying their community,”…
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The Campus Recreation Center rooftop is one PSU go-to for the uncommitted outdoorsman. Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

Go outside without really going outside: A how-to

Do you ever want to go outdoors without all of that going outdoors and doing activities? Me too. As a pasty white guy who isn’t very good at outdoorsy things,…
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Uber's arrival into Portland will provide competition to conventional taxicab companies. Anh Duc Do/PSU Vanguard

Uber is not the good guy, despite their catchy advertising

At the end of a months-long dispute, Portland has finally worked a deal out with Uber to allow the ride-sharing company (and competitor Lyft) to operate in Portland. After ignoring…
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Hillary Clinton speaks to members of the Georgia Democratic Party at the Georgia World Congress Center during the 2008 Presidential election. Courtesy of Brett Weinstein through Creative Commons


Recently, Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for president, joining the likes of Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and noted Pitbull enthusiast Marco Rubio in throwing her hat in the…
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Courtesy of Eskay8 through Creative Commons via Flickr

Turn your apartment into a greenhouse

One of the best things about Portland is the food, but it’s also one of the most expensive. Growing fruits and vegetables in your apartment or dorm is a great…
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South Albany High School, the site of a recent fire that destroyed the cafeteria. Zachary Lee Burghart, a veteran diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, was arrested in connection with the blaze. Public Domain

Mental illness in Portland

Two weeks ago, my high school cafeteria, in Albany, Oregon, got burned to the ground by a veteran suffering from a PTSD breakdown. The fire caused tens of thousands of…
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Sen. Ron Wyden has voiced support for a plan to fast-track legislation on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a move that has drawn fire from groups opposed to trade agreement. Wyden's local and Washington, DC offices can be reached at wyden.senate.gov. Public Domain

‘The Oregonian’ misses the mark on Senator Wyden and the TPP

In a recent article that set new levels of awful even for them, The Oregonian’s editorial board recently dismissed Trans-Pacific Partnership protesters as “entertaining” and lauded fast tracking the proposal as critical…
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Illustration | Nimi Einstein/PSU Vanguard

Don’t underestimate the working class

In one of my last articles I quoted a statistic that said the working class gives more. As long as I’ve worked on nonprofit fundraising, I’ve had to remind myself…
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