The 9-to-5 campus: PSU needs more than just housing

Portland State has been marketing itself as being “different” for a long time, but as the new construction around campus proves, the administration has realized that becoming a more traditional campus has its benefits.


Say goodbye to the Internet as you know it

The year 2012 saw a series of fights for the freedom and openness of the Internet. SOPA, PIPA, CISPA and the WCIT treaty all failed. But it’s a new year, and the fight will never be over.


Hagel is the right choice

President Barack Obama’s nomination of Chuck Hagel for secretary of defense has generated a bewildering amount of controversy, but it seems to be a sure thing anyway. This is good.

The Clean Air Corridor is pointless

It’s been a month with the new Clean Air Corridor in effect, and I feel pretty safe in saying it’s accomplished nothing. First, can we drop any pretense of it being about emissions as well as smoking? The only people who ever drive in the Park Blocks are cops and university staff. They definitely haven’t stopped driving in the Park Blocks, and didn’t do it frequently enough to warrant any kind of action. Also, what about the big, diesel-guzzling delivery trucks that park next to the loading dock at Smith Memorial Student Union and leave their engines running?

No, you turn off the lights

Every time I leave my room, I see the little green sticker that PSU Housing placed on my light switch. It says, “Lights off before leaving—Campus Sustainability Office.” This sticker never ceases to annoy me, because it’s one of the most hypocritical things at Portland State.


Bringing back the hope

Things are looking up, and now it’s time to move ahead. Or at least, that’s what you would have gathered from President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address.


Sandy Hook: wrong priorities

Sandy Hook’s students are back in school, Clackamas Town Center reopened within the week, and the man responsible for the Aurora shootings is on trial. America seems to be recovering and moving on from last year’s mass shootings, but we still don’t seem to be learning from them.


No war on Christmas here

Celebrating without the faith

This time every year, stories start popping up about the “War on Christmas,” and we get a sense that there’s some sort of inherent tension that comes with religious holidays. There shouldn’t be, though. Celebrate your holiday however you want and reasonable people won’t be offended.

The good, the bad and the ugly

Looking ahead: What the 2012 election results signify

After what felt like years, the 2012 election is finally over. Though disappointed by some outcomes, I’m hopeful for the future.


Broke? Sell plasma

Pros and cons of donating plasma

Being in college means being broke from time to time. This was me recently, so I thought about donating plasma. While it can’t replace a regular income, it can be a good way to supplement it.


Big Bird and binders full of women

Given his reelection campaign, does Obama deserve to win?

This time next week—barring recounts—the madness will be over, and we’ll know who our president will be for the next four years. I voted for Barack Obama, which probably isn’t surprising. But based on the campaign he ran, I’m not sure he really deserves to win.