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Slavoj Žižek will speak at Portland State on Friday, Oct. 31. Photo courtesy of UnB Agência through Creative Commons

PCPH to host Slavoj Žižek and Jean-Pierre Dupuy talk

The Portland Center for Public Humanities at Portland State will host Slavoj Žižek and Jean-Pierre Dupuy in a talk titled…
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Heyday Films|1999

Mouthfeel: A review of Ravenous

If there’s one thing which Hall & Oates, Nelly Furtado and Stephanie Meyer are absolutely positive about, it’s the appeal…
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Choreographer Jirí Pokorný directs dancers of the Northwest Dance Project in their Lincoln Hall practice space. Photo by Jeoffry Ray

NW Dance Project to premiere three performances at Lincoln

Northwest Dance Project will be lighting up Lincoln Hall’s performance stage for New Now Wow, a showcase of three world…
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Mars One runs through Nov. 9 at the Action-Adventure Theatre, in Southeast Portland. Photo courtesy of Patrick Moran

Action/Adventure Theatre to host serial stage space comedy

They touched down on the red planet in the year 2024. There were four of them: Steve, Tabitha, Marritt and…
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'Nailbiter,' vol. 1, by Joshua Williamson & Mike Henderson. Published by Image Comics. Cover artwork by Henderson.

To the quick with Nailbiter

Before you even crack open the first volume of Nailbiter, clip your nails to the quick, file them all the…
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Kensey Anderson's Eros of Urbano is one of several works by scholarship winners at PSU's MK Gallery. Photo by Christopher Sohler

Campus galleries exhibit scholarship recipients’ artwork

For many prospective students, money is the deciding factor for attending school. Lacking funds, some turn away from the idea…
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Asymmetrical Pictures/1997

Wild ride: A review of David Lynch’s Lost Highway

David Lynch’s 1997 neo-noir psychological thriller Lost Highway’s reputation as a box office failure hasn’t stopped it from becoming a…
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(Left to right) Jackson Machado, Leland Brehl, Ben Burwell and Asher McKenzie of the Portland-based band, Mr. Bones. Photo courtesy of Mr. Bones

No reverb: Local band Mr. Bones plays live at KPSU

“Those kids are magical,” said Pete Banjaro, KPSU programming director. Banjaro smiled as he waited for a freshly recorded in-studio…
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Various exhibits will be presented at the Oregon Historical Society Library, which will be open to the public during the Archives Crawl. Photo by Christopher Sohler

Archives Crawl opens oft closed doors to public

The fourth annual Oregon Archives Crawl will celebrate all things dusty, yellowing and sumptuously crinkled next Saturday, Oct. 18. The event,…
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Photo by Christopher Sohler

Oregon Historical Society explores impact of political cartooning

The Oregon Historical Society hosted an event titled Line of Fire: Cartooning’s Political Impact on Sept. 29. The event was…
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Birdie Wermy, a graduate of PSU, vended a number of beaded goods and jewelry at the craft fair. Photo by Miles Sanguinetti

NASCC hosts annual craft fair and potluck

The Native American Student and Community Center hosted its annual potluck and craft fair on Oct. 1. The event featured…
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