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Photo by Rosie Yanosko

Summer brining project: A recipe for homemade sauerkraut

Born and raised in a Polish home, I am no stranger to sauerkraut. Cabbage is practically in my blood. Though…
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A horse head-clad brony attends a panel featuring voice actress Ashleigh Ball at BronyCon. ©Hodgee Films (2014)

Out to pasture: A review of A Brony Tale

Bronies, grown men who are fans of the 2010 reboot of the My Little Pony animated series, are kind of…
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Rosace ceramic tile work decorating the roof of the praying room of the
Nasr Ol Molk Mosque (Qajar era) at Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran. Photo courtesy of Dynamosquito through Creative Commons

Andisheh Center to host 15th Annual Iranian Festival on campus

The Andisheh Center will host the 15th Annual Iranian Festival this Saturday, Aug. 2 in the South Park Blocks, between…
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The desert city of Ancheim makes for one of the more visually impressive locales throughout the game's plot. ©Square Enix

Anything but the default: A review of Bravely Default

In many ways, Bravely Default, a spin-off of Square Enix’s acclaimed Final Fantasy franchise of role-playing games, brings the series…
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Photo by Rosie Yanosko

Scrambled eggs redux: A recipe for chilaquiles

Traditionally made with stale tortillas, sauce and eggs, chilaquiles are a very economical comfort food. Often served for breakfast, they…
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Portland's Funniest Person semi-finalists wait to learn who advances to the finals. Photo by Christian Profeta

Portland comedy scene balloons at Helium competition

Local stand-up comedians competed in the semi-final rounds of Helium Comedy Club’s Fourth Annual Portland’s Funniest Person Contest on Tuesday,…
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Make your mark

The Portland State Hip-Hop Alliance will host the Make Your Mark jam on Saturday in the Smith Memorial Student Union…
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Illustration by Rachael Bentz

The Atomic Spectra of Love

Years ago, Tamela Clover watched an educational video about prairie voles. The video divided the voles into two groups: monogamous…
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Still courtesy of Mighty Rabbit Studios

Everything else is child’s play

Saturday Morning RPG, developed and published by Mighty Rabbit Studios, is an episodic indie roleplaying game overflowing with ‘80s pop…
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During my tour with Parisian friends, we admired the architecture of the famed Palais de Louvre, with history dating back to the middle ages, according to the official Louvre website. Its entrance, the Pyrmaid du Louvre, is a glass pyramid built by I. M. Pei. It first opened on March 30, 1989, according the Louvre website. Photo by Jaime Dunkle.

Paris smashes stereotypes

The freezing floor cramped my legs and I woke up with numb hands—side effects of what I call “Francing.” Francing…
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Always Sometimes Monsters. Screenshot courtesy of Vagabond Dog Games

Walk a mile: A review of “Always Sometimes Monsters”

“Always Sometimes Monsters” is best described as a 2D life simulator with RPG elements that focuses heavily on love, loss,…
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