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J. W. Arrowsmith | 1889

Victorian travelogue is weird, liquid history

It’s the end of the 19th century, that stereotypically prudish era marked by Queen Victoria’s reign. The sun hasn’t yet set on the empire, but social discontent bubbles, about to…
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Student and local bands to collab for music video fest

Student filmmakers and local bands are creating music videos to showcase at the first-ever Portland State Music Video Festival on May 16 at 6:30 p.m. in Parkway North. A partnership…
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Image Comics | 2013

‘Jupiter’s’ series grapples with superhero generation gap

What happens in the generational divide between superheroes and their progenies? That’s exactly what the comic books Jupiter’s Legacy and Jupiter’s Circle are about. The first volume of Jupiter’s Legacy has…
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The Portland Art Museum, located in the Downtown Portland Cultural District. Public Domain

Art collection talk definitely an art collection talk

The Portland Art Dealers Association hosted a collaborative conversation around the idea of art patronage and art collecting on April 8. The free event was held at the Portland Art…
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Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

Jorts Wars: The denim menace

Spring has sprung, and it’s time to start thinking about your summer wardrobe. Most importantly, will you be rocking jorts, and will they make you look like Daisy Duke or…
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Language barriers build solidarity

Page 58, 4.1.2—Fleeting vowel stems: In this large class of verb stems the last vowel is omitted when vowel-initial suffixes are added, yielding a stem-final consonant cluster. Hungarian has a…
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Darkest Dungeon pits your characters against both terrible enemies and their own dwindling sanity.  ©Red Hook Studios

Delve into Darkest Dungeon

Have you ever been bothered by how video game characters can shrug off terrifying psychic attacks and pour over mounds of fetid corpses for loot without a second thought? Darkest…
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online mystic J

Horoscopes for the week of April 12

Aries March 21-April 19 One thing you have to admire about Lord Zedd was his tenacity. No matter his failures, he always approached destroying the Power Rangers with fervor. Taurus…
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Radar Films/2013

A dog and its boy

When I was young I wanted to go on an adventure. Being the timid and allergy stricken kid I was, chances were pretty slim I’d make it on my own…
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Author Nam Le signs autographs during the 2010 Comédie du Livre in France.  Courtesy of Esby through Creative Commons via Wikimedia Commons

Tin House to host author Nam Le at The Little Church

Tin House Books and Portland State will host writer Nam Le at the Little Church on April 16 at 6:30 p.m. as a part of their writer-in-residence program. Le is…
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Patrons view a collection of panoramas by Anna Daedalus and Kerry Davis, on display at the Smith Memorial Student Union Littman Gallery. Courtesy of Ashley Vaughn

‘Leaping Darkness’ exhibit exposes provoking connections

Jump into the world of thought-provoking, life-size photograms in the altering exhibit Leaping Darkness at the Littman Gallery, led by artists Anna Daedalus and Kerry Davis, through April 29. The first-time…
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