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By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with #OscarsSoWhite, the controversial Twitter hashtag that criticized and highlighted a prominent absence of diversity at film’s most prestigious award show. The hashtag…
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Terra DeHart/PSU Vanguard

Schrödinger’s housing crisis

Economics is in many ways like meteorology: Being wrong in one’s predictions is considered par for the course. However, economics has the added element of requiring a basic understanding of…
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Beverly Frisk/PSU Vanguard

Move to Portland!

I first decided to move to Portland in search of something I’d never had before. It was almost as if I was effortlessly drawn to all the unique and interesting…
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The author takes a selfie while wearing a headscarf at "Hijab Day," an event organized by PSU's Muslim Student Association on April 1, 2016. Andy Ngo/PSU Vanguard

The paradox of hijab

Event organizers from San Diego to New York have promoted wear-a-hijab days to express solidarity with Muslim women who said they felt targeted after the San Bernardino attacks last year….
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Dutton Juvenile/2005

Keep ‘Looking for Alaska’ in the library

The American Library Association for Intellectual Freedom released its list of “Most Challenged Books of 2015” after compiling reports from schools and libraries across the country. The list is released…
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Peter Le/PSU Vanguard

The tragic tale of Boaty McBoatface

This week I would like to present a cautionary tale. It is a story of the internet, as a community, and what can happen when one overestimates its dependability and…
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Courtesy of user Images Money through Flickr

The War on Drugs isn’t working

The War on Drugs has failed us. In fact, it has left us completely broken. After social upheaval and political rebellion erupted in the ’60s, drugs became the symbol of…
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Shannon Kidd/PSU Vanguard

Hillary is the only leader we should have

Hillary Clinton will make a damn fine president. No one else in the race has the same level of experience to lead our country or to make tough decisions like…
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Shannon Kidd/PSU Vanguard

It’s time to feel the Bern

I’ve always been interested in politics. I remember very few of my classmates or friends showing even the slightest interest about the presidential election. “Politics are boring,” we would all…
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Nimi Einstein/PSU Vanguard

ISIS, Muslim and Islam are not the same thing

Lately, there has been a lot of hatred toward Muslims, but nobody wants to claim responsibility for the bigoted behavior, discrimination or acts of hatred being carried out against them….
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Freedom of Speech