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Screen shot from the television series, Game of Thrones. HBO/2011-216


Adapting a work into a different medium like TV or film is easier said than done. A book or comic series typically has an established fan base, and your job…
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Jamon Sin/PSU Vanguard

Eat, Pray, Love, Study, Travel

I graduated high school and did everything the “right” way. I filed my FASFA; I applied for scholarships; I pulled out loans. I spent two years as a full-time student,…
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Illustration by Rachel Goldstein

Your childhood is fine

Despite how much we love our movies, adaptations and sequels, we’ve never been much for remakes. Oh, we think to ourselves, this again? Why would they remake this? I’d much…
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Illustration by Terra Dehart

“Islamophobia needs to stop” – a reply

by Will T.G. Miller As an immigrant from the United States to sunny little Britain, I never went through the American education system. It must have changed a lot, though,…
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Elise Furlan/PSU Vanguard

Trigger warnings getting out of hand

College isn’t so bad these days. I remember being terrified after hearing about it from my high school teachers and older relatives. “There is no second chance if you miss…
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Terra DeHart/PSU Vanguard

Hairy, engaged and estranged

Hairy Situation writes: I am a 32-year-old owner of a small company with a handful of employees. One of my employees, “Laura,” wears her hair in an extremely tight ponytail…
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Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 10.00.02 AM

Student loans are sad and scary, but worth it

I started learning about the dangers of credit card debt when I was in high school. I think the majority of high schoolers are given the classic “you will never…
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Protesters at a recent disarm PSU protest. Andy Ngo/PSU Vanguard

Open letter to PSU regarding Israel BDS vote

by Eliana Rudee Students and faculty of Portland State University, [The Associated Students of PSU’s] resolution to join the BDS movement to boycott, divest from and sanction Israeli companies has…
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Lauren Chapluk/PSU Vanguard

Islamophobia needs to stop

I have yet to stop learning while being in college. I guess they’re telling the truth when they say college is full of continuous, enlightening information that keeps coming despite…
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Illustration by Terra DeHart

College ends, life begins

The room is dark, subdued, the weak lighting comes only from partially obscured wall sconces. em>La Wally performed by Wilhelmenia Wiggins Fernandez is playing softly from a stereo system tucked…
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Audrey Bond/PSU Vanguard

Say yes to sex

Despite growing up in Utah, a state structured around the LDS religion, I never held the same conservative values regarding sex and marriage as others in my community. In the…
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