‘Welcome to Me’

If you haven’t heard, Kristen Wiig came out with a new film called Welcome to Me, where she plays a woman with borderline personality disorder who wins the lottery. And…
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Workers in the U.S. and Mexico have called for a boycott of berry producer Driscoll's, alleging worker abuse. Chavelin Gonzalez/PSU Vanguard

There are no cheap luxuries

A recent New York Times article about manicure technicians and the awful working conditions they deal with has made the rounds, and people are shocked at the things that happen…
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Obama Keeps Portland Weird! comic

Obama knows how to keep Portland weird

Photo: Chavelin Gonzalez/PSU Vanguard

The language of the “educated”

My least favorite word is zeitgeist, which came to English directly from German and roughly translates to “the spirit of the time.” Maybe it’s because the word never comes up…
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Illustration: Elise Furlan

Your gender shouldn’t define your actions

As I sit here scrolling through my Facebook feed, I encounter some of the most intriguing—and argument-stimulating—posts. What I’m noticing about a majority of these posts and shares is that…
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Photo illustration | Courtesy of Jorge Royan through Creative Commons

Prices are up, attendance is down

It’s hard to be in the movie theater business nowadays. With the rise of streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon, many people today are deciding to stay home when…
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Illustration: Rico Macias-Zepeda

Adjunct faculty: The new underappreciated factory worker

When I first began my time here at Portland State, I was hopelessly optimistic that my education was worth the investment and would put me ahead in life. As my…
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Oregon Students rally against tuition increases in front of the State Capitol in Salem in Feb. 2015. Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

State politics have larger impact at home than national politics

​​People, myself included, have already started shifting their focus and rampant speculation to the presidential elections, even though it’s only May of 2015. As big and entertaining as presidential races…
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Baltimore protest comic copy

No justice, no peace

Photo illustration | Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

Fight the habit

How do you use technology? And how does technology itself use you? These are some of the many questions that has been circulating through my mind about our usage of technology.…
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Photo illustration | Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

The new F-word

There are so many connotations surrounding the word feminist. I’ve been accused of being many different things when I say that I’m a feminist. I’ve been told that I’m a…
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