Photo illustration: Chavelin Gonzalez/PSU Vanguard

Violence comes home

My typing is a little slow today. My hands, my arms—they’re heavy, like a great weight is pressing down on them, slowing their productivity. I’m having trouble seeing the screen through…
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Paying students to play sports: A bad idea for everyone

Let’s say, for the sake of this column, that you, dear reader, are a currently enrolled college student. If that’s the case, you’re likely strapped for cash and struggling on…
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Canadian performer Nicole Arbour stood at the center of a controversy surrounding a video in which she criticized fat shaming. Courtesy of Tabercil through Creative Commons

Outrage over fat shaming video seems justified

As I’m sure many of you have seen, or at least heard through the grape vine, recently a video that called out fat shaming went viral. This video caused quite…
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What’s in a name?

Michael Derrick Hudson is an American poet from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Hudson’s poems have been published in several journals and literary magazines, including The Georgia Review, Washington Square and Fugue. Five…
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Let’s turn STEM into STEAM

Early one morning last March, I walked into a high school science classroom full of teenagers who exuded a palpable air of not giving a shit. It was 7:15 a.m.,…
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Silvia Cardullo/PSU Vanguard

Think science isn’t for you? Think again

Science is a weird thing. There seems to be this general assumption that science is something you’re naturally good at, and if you don’t have that gift, well, then science…
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International education: The who, where, why and how

Study abroad. Every college student has heard this term at least one time or another, whether it’s from a plot device in a coming-of-age drama or from firsthand experience. For…
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President Wim Wiewel (left) during a Spring Term press conference. Anh Duc Do/Vanguard Archives

PSU’s desperation and the $100 million that never showed up

Portland State President Wim Wiewel has a lot of egg on his face after the recent cause célèbre regarding a Portland citizen’s fake promise of a $100 million donation to PSU.…
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An image of Ahmed Mohamed's clock, released by the Irving Police Department.

The media’s mishandling of Ahmed Mohamed

Just a few weeks ago, not many people knew the name Ahmed Mohamed. Although an undeniably popular first and last name among Muslims, the combination was unlikely to generate a…
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Textbook _De_appreciation (1)

Textbook de-appreciation

First Week of College copy

Oh, how things change