Director of Elections Tim Scott explains how the ballot viewing room -- a place where members of political parties can witness the inspection process in real-time -- works. Photo by Christopher Sohler

Measure 90: A step in the right direction

The voting process here in Oregon has always been unique. As one of the only states which uses vote-by-mail as…
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Dental assistant Yoriko Nogam (right) assists Lt. Kathleen Handlers of the U.S. Navy in a procedure. Photo courtesy of the United States Navy through Creative Commons

Progress for Oregon women

My mother is my ultimate role model. I grew up in a small town in New Jersey. My parents divorced when…
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Measure 91: Learning from Washington

I finally gave in to my curiosity and checked out a couple of Washington’s recreational marijuana shops. I had heard…
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Former ACLU Racial Justice Project director Michelle Alexander at the Miller Center Forum in 2011. Photo courtesy of the Miller Center through Creative Commons

Armed CPSO problematic for students of color

First of all, I don’t purport to speak for all black people, all black college students or even all students…
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Regulating marijuana: A safer and more just future

Treating marijuana use as a crime has failed. Over the last 10 years, over 99,000 people in Oregon were arrested…
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Photo courtesy of Baker131313 through Creative Commons

The fear in my heart

Let’s get this out in the open right away. For years, I have suffered with anxiety and depression. It’s been…
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Oregon State Treasurer Ted Wheeler brought Measure 86, also known as the Oregon Opportunity Initiative, to the State legislature. Photo courtesy of the Oregon State Treasury

Measure 86: An investment for the future

The issue of funding higher education is on the forefront of most university students’ minds. Initiatives such as Pay It…
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Illustration by Rachael Bentz

Advice from a teacher

Thursday. Day four of the first week of fall term. My first week at Portland State. As I sit in…
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The Cashier at Neuberger Hall. Photo by Christopher Sohler

PSU or P$U?

This is my fifth year at Portland State and hopefully my last, at least for my undergraduate career. For the…
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Illustration by Brendan Mulligan

Armed PSU Police? No thanks.

The current issue before the Board of Trustees regarding whether or not to arm our campus security makes me a…
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Illustration by Brendan Mulligan

Have them, don’t use them

With gun violence in schools and in public places becoming a more pressing concern, many governing bodies have enacted policies…
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