Members of the PSU student union speak against the arming of campus police during a recent demonstration in downtown Portland. Photo by Jeoffry Ray

An alumna against arming officers

Dear Board of Trustees and President Wim Wiewel, I am writing today to protest against the arming of Portland State…
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Photo illustration courtesy of David Tran through Creative Commons

Looking good in the long run

In the beginning, before your new significant other comes over, you prepare. You look your absolute best every time you…
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Illustration by Jordynn Alexander

Bucket list 101

Last spring, I was adjusting my plans so I could graduate at the end of fall term when my advisor…
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Illustration by Stephanie Szabo

Accessing your professors

On a campus of roughly 30,000 students, it’s easy to feel lost among the vast number of people seeking higher…
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Illustration by Nate Corrado

Feminist literature holds up

My comrades on my journey toward gender equality pose the question, “What is your favorite piece of feminist literature?” I…
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The Smith Memorial Student Union's fourth floor offers one of the only gender-neutral bathrooms on campus. Photo by Jeoffry Ray

Restroom equality

When you find yourself barreling down the corridors of Portland State with an irritated bladder full of spent coffee, looking…
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Photo by Jeoffry Ray

Group projects and the introvert

“Yay, another group project!” said no introvert ever. It’s nearing the end of the term, which means students are knee-deep…
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Public Domain image via Eranb through Wikimedia Commons

Red flag warnings

Recently, I was walking through campus, and I overheard two young women discussing a third friend, and how that friend…
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Photo courtesy of  Sybren Stüvel through Creative Commons

Navigating the academic maze

It was a typically cold, dark and wet Oregon winter night when I ran into my old college buddy Jim…
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Students consult laptops and electronic devices during a lecture in Sydney, Australia. Courtesy of Sailor Coruscant via Flickr through Creative Commons

The fall of the classroom

A couple years ago, I was taking an English class that focused on the topic of debt. The class was…
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Photo illustration courtesy of Anthony Karanja through Creative Commons

Midterm lethargy

I, like many Americans, watched my phone as voting results came in around 8 p.m. on Nov. 4. I did my…
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