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Den of inequity

It’s just not fair, My roommate and I split a two-bedroom that has recently started housing three full-grown adults. His … Continue reading Den of inequity

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Make nighttime reflective gear mandatory for bicycle riders

Soon Oregon may take the somewhat unique step and require, by legislative fiat, that all bicycle riders wear reflective clothing … Continue reading Make nighttime reflective gear mandatory for bicycle riders

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Advice from a mad girl

It’s 6 p.m. and I am staring into a glass of wine, waiting for my lover’s arrival. The New Jersey … Continue reading Advice from a mad girl

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Thanks a lot, Oregon

I’m well aware that issues such as the price of tuition are complex and that it would be difficult to … Continue reading Thanks a lot, Oregon

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Tuition raise: Was it really the only option?

Last week, Portland State’s Board of Trustees voted to raise tuition unanimously despite loud, disruptive protests from students. In a … Continue reading Tuition raise: Was it really the only option?

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Don’t punish the cyclists

Last month, Oregon Rep. John Davis introduced a bill that would require all cyclists to wear reflective clothing when bicycling … Continue reading Don’t punish the cyclists

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Brunch time wait time

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The PSU bubble

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American Islamaphobia

Lets face it. America is not the ultimate good in this world, and neither is Christianity. Evil can lie present … Continue reading American Islamaphobia

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Should I go to grad school?

Should I go to graduate school? This is a question many juniors and seniors are asking themselves as they get … Continue reading Should I go to grad school?

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In defense of clipboarders

I never thought I’d say this, but here it goes: The canvassers and clipboard activists on campus get a bad … Continue reading In defense of clipboarders