Are today's unions doing enough for their members? 
Strikers battle police with clubs and pipes during the 1934 Minneapolis General Drivers and Helpers Union strike. Photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration

State of a union

Unions nationwide were recently dealt a blow when the Supreme Court ruled that state-paid home care workers could not be…
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Clasroom at Cathedral High School in New Ulm, Minn. Photo courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration.

A-plus: Recognizing the Excellence of Teachers

Early on the morning of June 10, I woke up to terrible news. There was a shooting going on at…
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Anonymous signs posted on the sky bridge between Cramer Hall and Smith Memorial Student Union. Photo by William Elder

The Real Struggle

I think tired is a word that accurately sums up how a lot of us college students feel. It’s especially…
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Portland State: Second time is the charm

Fall 2007 is when I made my first attempt to extract a degree from Portland State University. Attending Benson High…
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Photo illustration by Devin Courtright

Portland: The West Coast’s answer to Europe

It is unfortunate that Portland is sandwiched between Seattle and San Francisco. As hard as Portland might try, Portland will…
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Photo illustration by Miles Sanguinetti

Marks of love

“What’s that on your neck?” As we know, some people like it rough, some people just bruise easily, and some people…
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Photo illustration by Christopher Sohler

The Grammar Battle

It’s a bit of a shame that so many people belonging to my generation pay very little attention to grammar,…
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The new Glass-Steagall legislation

Facing an unexpectedly tough challenge to hold onto his seat, Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley has called on help from his…
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PSU's School of Business Administration building will begin a $60 million expansion project in January 2014. Photo by William Elder

Majoring in money

Every time I find myself waiting for the MAX trains at Southwest Sixth Avenue and Montgomery Street, I look across…
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Photo illustration by William Elder

For the Love of Pages

Imagine walking into a library. It’s a wonderful library. Your favorite library. Maybe it’s the same library you’ve been going…
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The ugly truth about being a T.A.

$530 a month. $130 a week. That’s how much a graduate teaching assistant makes. Well, of course, we get a $3,000 tuition…
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