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Chastity in the modern era

When most people took sex education classes in high school, the concept of abstinence arose as being the only absolute…
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A Hammer Head shark, known for eating stingrays. Creative Commons Attributions to Suneko

The great white hoax

Apparently someone forgot to tell the Australian government that there are sharks in the waters off of its coast. Due to…
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Aslan leather cuffs for $74.99 a pair and nickle plated snap hooks to hold them together for $12.95 at Fantasy For Adults Only (Northeast, Downtown, Tigard and Beaverton). Photo by: Corinna Scott

Bring on the toys

Sex sells. Nothing demonstrates this truism quite like the sale of sex toys. In 2011, it was estimated that the…
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Photo by: Christopher Sohler

Graffiti art, the joke’s on us

Art and artists are like toilets; we all want and need them, and our lives would be disastrous without them.…
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Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik at the 36th Annual Gracie Awards Gala. Creative Commons Attributions to Tabercil

A star of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ is wrong

In an age of endless distractions and ever-changing news, it’s imperative to possess good advertising that immediately attracts and keeps…
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Roleplaying games (in bed)

Role-playing games are fun, and I’m not talking about Dungeons and Dragons (although I do like D&D). Rather, I’m talking…
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Photo by: Christopher Sohler

The lost art of traditional dating

Dating is something that most college students will become familiar with one way or another. Whether such familiarity is achieved…
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Design by: Chrisopher Peralta

Peace Corps: A decade of rape

I’m sure that for most people, joining the Peace Corps will be an enriching and fulfilling experience that enables them…
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Herbs and incense at Herb Stomp, Portland OR. Photo by: Corinna Scott

Letter to the editor: Response to “The Perils of Chinese Medicine”

I occasionally like to read articles that hold opinions that differ from my own to reflect on my beliefs and…
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(Left to right) Tyler and Kenji playing next to their mother, Yoko Sakurauchi, Education Graduate, as she grades exams in the Resource Center for Students with Children. Photo by: Corinna Scott

It’s never too late

Something heavy has been weighing on me since I transferred to Portland State, and I’ve decided it’s time to finally…
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Design by: Brendan Mulligan

Pope Francis: not an anarchist feminist Marxist

If everything you’ve heard about Pope Francis comes from a major news outlet or someone’s Facebook page, I’m going to…
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