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Illustration by Terra Dehart

The hippie generation is now

I grew up listening to my parents talk about “the good ol’ days.” My dad grew up among hippies, and my mom, who was born just shortly after the baby…
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Illustration by Shannon Kidd

George R.R. Martin is not your bitch

Game of Thrones fever is back. The highly popular fantasy TV series premiered its sixth season April 24 on HBO. Unlike previous seasons, season 6 will consist largely of content…
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Arlen Cornejo/PSU Vanguard

It’s time to be alone

As another week full of classes, interning and daily errands wraps up, I finally reach the one thing that keeps me going strong: Friday. Friday is a golden opportunity to…
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Illustration by Shannon Kidd

You do you, boo

I hate guilty pleasures. Not the concept itself, but the way we talk about it. The words “guilty” and “pleasure” are straight forward enough, but what I don’t understand is…
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Shannon Kidd/PSU Vanguard

What if Donald Trump was Donna Trump?

This election campaign has already been a nasty one. It has undoubtedly ignited a fire and inspired a revolution among younger generations, but it has also quickly exposed the sexist…
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Audrey Bond/PSU Vanguard

What I learned from Pizza Week

Pizza Week has come and gone, and for a brief moment the city of Portland was graced with a variety of innovative and unusual creations, all roughly categorized as pizza….
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Courtesy of user ClkerFreeVectorImages through Pixabay


By now, I’m sure you’re all familiar with #OscarsSoWhite, the controversial Twitter hashtag that criticized and highlighted a prominent absence of diversity at film’s most prestigious award show. The hashtag…
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Terra DeHart/PSU Vanguard

Schrödinger’s housing crisis

Economics is in many ways like meteorology: Being wrong in one’s predictions is considered par for the course. However, economics has the added element of requiring a basic understanding of…
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Beverly Frisk/PSU Vanguard

Move to Portland!

I first decided to move to Portland in search of something I’d never had before. It was almost as if I was effortlessly drawn to all the unique and interesting…
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The author takes a selfie while wearing a headscarf at "Hijab Day," an event organized by PSU's Muslim Student Association on April 1, 2016. Andy Ngo/PSU Vanguard

The paradox of hijab

Event organizers from San Diego to New York have promoted wear-a-hijab days to express solidarity with Muslim women who said they felt targeted after the San Bernardino attacks last year….
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Dutton Juvenile/2005

Keep ‘Looking for Alaska’ in the library

The American Library Association for Intellectual Freedom released its list of “Most Challenged Books of 2015” after compiling reports from schools and libraries across the country. The list is released…
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