About this special issue

This issue will be covering the events that unfolded at and around our Branford Prince Millar Library this past week in depth. As events unfolded and during numerous interviews, many members of our community voiced concerns about their safety. Several of these individuals requested anonymity. Given the nature of the events and our verification of the information provided by these sources, we fully respect their decision to remain anonymous to protect their own sense of security. To maintain clarity, consistent aliases were used for anonymous sources throughout.


Many of these articles contain content depicting instances of police violence, and the phrasing and imagery within may be disturbing to some individuals. We advise reader discretion while proceeding. 


At PSU Vanguard, we are committed to delivering comprehensive and informative news coverage, but we also recognize the importance of ensuring our readers’ well-being. As such, please be mindful of the potential impact this content may have on your mental and emotional state, especially considering the trauma many in our community have experienced due to these events.


If you find yourself affected by the content discussed herein, we encourage you to seek support from friends, family or mental health professionals.