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Comments policy

The Vanguard encourages civil discourse and expression of diverse perspectives. This student-run organization serves a community with vast experiences and viewpoints. We seek to ethically, objectively and accurately represent and reflect this community in a comprehensive, compassionate and inclusive manner. This includes the comments section.

The comments section is expected to be a safe, welcoming space for all individuals, groups and their ideas. We expect respect for all persons in this space, including fellow commenters, writers and subjects of articles.

When commenting, remember these comments will be read by real people with real human emotions.

Comments containing private/personal information, spam (including paid referrals), pornographic or obscene content, personal attacks, and/or otherwise hostile, threatening or triggering content—regardless of intent—may be pre-moderated or hidden by the Vanguard staff. If you have questions about why your comment has been hidden, please email [email protected].

Policy published 10.17.17.

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