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Academic deadlines loom for students

The holiday season may seem like a time to kick back, but actually it includes many dates when students must make decisions or take action.

In all cases, when in doubt, students need to go to the source. For information on admissions, class scheduling, financial aid, parking and the general mechanics of getting into or staying in school, the lobby section of Neuberger Hall has the appropriate windows.

For things more complicated or pertaining to specific activities, classes or schools, the best strategy remains to make contact directly with department offices.

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) information for the 2002-2003 academic year is normally available in the financial aid office before the start of winter quarter.

This is a one-stop application for both federal and state student grants, work-study and loans. The government will accept this application no sooner than Jan.1.

Sam Collie, director of financial aid, said, “We like to see the students apply for financial aid in Jan. and Feb.” The office likes to remind them that they should apply early to assure best results. He said his information from the U.S. Office of Education is that the new FAFSA material will be here in mid-December.

The Oregon deadline for submission has not yet been announced but normally falls around March 1. The financial aid office in the Neuberger Hall lobby has a complete rack of pertinent publications and application forms.

Here is a general list of deadlines which loom just ahead or come soon enough to call for consideration now.

@boxed:This week – Registration opened Monday for the Senior Adult Learning Center.

Dec. 3-7 – Fall term final exams.

Dec. 7 – Fall term ends. Deadline for payment in full of all tuition and fees. If not paid in full at that time, a single $100 late payment fee will be assessed. This is a change from the previous late fee deadline. An information sheet is available in Neuberger Hall.

Now through Dec. 6 – Touchtone registration, parking permit Web and touchtone registration.

Dec. 10 – Touchtone parking permit pickup begins, parking window in Neuberger Hall lobby, opens 9 a.m.

Dec. 13 – Open sale of parking permits begins. Information sheet available at parking permit window.

Jan.1 – First date to file blanket application for federal student aid, federal and state student grants, work-study, and loans. A single FAFSA application form covers all these categories. Consult PSU financial aid office in the lobby of Neuberger Hall for all aid programs.

Jan.6 – Advance registration ends. Last day for 100 percent refund for credit load reduction.

Jan.7 – Winter quarter classes begin, 85 percent refund period begins.

Jan.7-20 – Continuous registration and adjustments.

Jan.11 – Last day to submit applications for June graduation, for Portland State University degree or certificate.

Jan.18 – Last day to pick up parking permits.

Jan.20 – Last day to enroll in a class, add a class or make section changes.

Jan.21-27 – 50 percent refund period.

Jan.28 – Feb. 1 – 25 percent refund period.

Feb. 1 – Last day to drop without drop appearing on transcript.

Feb. 1 – Last day to complete the 2002-2003 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the six PSU Achievement Scholarships. Forms available in the student aid office in Neuberger Hall. Various other scholarships also have a Feb. 1 deadline. Financial aid has a booklet, Scholarship Handbook, which lists various other general university scholarship and award deadlines, ranging through Aug. 1. The booklet also lists many additional scholarships and awards available through specific departments, with deadlines.

Feb. 4-8 – Last week to withdraw from course without instructor approval.

March 22 – Last day to clear academic deficiencies for March graduation.

March 23 – Winter quarter ends, deadline for payment in full of all tuition and fees. If not paid in full at that time, a single $100 late payment fee will be assessed.

March 27 – Grades available on touchtone or the Web.

April 8 – Deadline for applying for scholarships specifically for women: the Mathilda Goldsmith scholarship, Irvington Club scholarship, the Mackenzie Family scholarship and the Nancy Ryles scholarship.

May 1 – Final Oregon state deadline to receive complete FAFSA information for 2001-2002 academic year.

July 1 – Last day U.S. will accept federal student aid and application forms for current student aid. Applies to all programs for federal and state student grants, work-study and loans applicable to the academic year 2001-2002.