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ASPSU to find representatives for 2002- 2003 school year

Editor’s note

This year, rather than endorsing candidates, we have chosen to print candidates’ answers to a questionnaire compiled by the Vanguard. All candidates for each position were given the same questions with the same amount of space in which to answer them. Our goal in presenting these profiles to students is to inform and educate them on the election process and candidates running for office.

Today we are featuring the candidates for student body president and vice-president, along with candidates for the Student Fee Committee chair. On Tuesday, we will feature the senatorial candidates, and on Wednesday, the student fee member candidates will be featured.

The student body will elect new student representatives for the 2002-2003 school year. This month the Associated Students of Portland State University will hold online elections from April 16 at 9 a.m. to April 18 at 5 p.m.

All positions are opening for the upcoming school year. The responsibilities of student representatives vary for each position. ASPSU has job descriptions for each position, including the responsibilities for the president, vice president and Student Fee Committee chair, all critical components of the student government.


* Acts as the official spokesperson for the students as a whole, within and without the University

* Occupies one of two positions on the Oregon Student Association board, and appoints the second representative

* Responsible for the proper functioning of the programs and governance process of ASPSU

* Establishes policies and procedures, with the approval of the student senate, necessary to ensure the timely implementation of resolutions and motions of the Student Senate

* Responsible for directing staff necessary to implement student government programs and addressing performance issues with Student Development Advisor

* Responsible for coordinating outreach to the students of PSU

* Appoints students to all University committees

* Appoints all senate committees

* Responsible for the fiscal integrity of the ASPSU budget, ensuring that funds are allocated in the best interest of the general student body and in accordance with Student Fee guidelines

* Works with United States Student Association representative to advocate for issues at the federal level

Vice President

* Responsible for monitoring all actions, proposals, policies and procedures of all local, state and other governing bodies which may affect the members of the ASPSU

* Responsible for monitoring the administrative and academic policies of the University for their impact on individual members of ASPSU and the ASPSU organization

* Responsible for coordinating outreach to the students of PSU

* Presides over the student senate in the absence of the speaker of the senate

* Attends student development retreat

* Responsible for coordinating the ASPSU transition reception

* Responsible for the publication of an annual compilation of rules, resolution, and other policies established by the student senate, Student Fee Committee, the Evaluation and Constitutional Review Committee and other ASPSU entities

* Assumes all official duties in the absence of the ASPSU president

Student Fee Committee Chair

* Serves as chair to the Student Fee Committee and member of ASPSU Executive Staff

* Serves as student fee representative to the University administration

* Responsible for assuring overall operations of the Student Fee Committee, including processing budget requests, processing reserve requests, and implementing student fee guidelines

* Reports to senate at senate meetings

* Works with Oregon Student Association on issues related to student fees

* Attends executive staff meetings

Presidential Forum April 8 in the Parkway Commons
SFC Chair Forum April 9 in the Parkway Commons
For more information about the elections, contact ASPSU at 503-725-8390 or Web site