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Blue Man Group to rock your world

You may have something in common with Blue Man Group. They are a trio of loveable, bald-headed, cobalt-blue-colored guys who think of themselves as “generic outsiders.”

If you haven’t already bought your ticket to their upcoming show, you will probably be an outsider too, because it’s sold out.

But let’s be optimistic. Put on your rose-colored glasses and cross your fingers – maybe a nice scalper will offer you a deal.

Blue Man Group is coming to Portland June 2 on the first leg of its The Complex Tour. Different from its usual stage show, the group is launching a full-fledged rock extravaganza that features elements of performance art and rave culture. The blue guys will jam on their Dr. Seussical-looking instruments and mingle with audience members while the ambiance of legendary production designer Marc Brickman takes care of the rest. Brickman has designed stage shows for Pink Floyd and Nine Inch Nails, among others.

“The audience can expect a different type of rock ‘n’ roll show, one in which we’re looking for the audience to be very interactive,” says Blue Man Eric Gebow. “We’ll make it easy for them to give their energy back. There will be lots of lights, video – a multimedia experience.”

Blue Man Group’s signature sound, which involves invented instruments and walls of percussion, will get amped up with the addition of wailing guitars, vocals and scratching.

“I would say its extremely percussive a lot of the time,” Gebow says. “It involves a lot of people playing together. We have a lot of people trying to create a really big sound. I would say it’s rock music filtered through the Blue Man aesthetic.”

This tour is in support of the group’s recently released second album, The Complex, which features guest collaborators Dave Matthews, Tracy Bonham and Gavin Rossdale.

The Blue Man Group presents The Complex Tour on Monday, June 3, at 8 p.m. at the Keller Auditorium, S.W. Third and Clay. For more information about the group go to