The acting PSU President Stephen Percy during the student media press conference on May 17, 2019. Bo Koering/PSU Vanguard

BOT approves new Interim President, other BOT leadership positions

The Board of Trustees unanimously voted to approve the appointment of Acting President Stephen Percy as interim president on June 20.

Students, faculty, staff and community members had the opportunity to provide input and nominations to the Board via an online form sent out in May. The form was advertised through student and employee newsletters and received over 340 responses, according to Board Chair Gale Castillo.

Castillo also listed some of the qualities the respondents were seeking in the new interim president. The description was an internal candidate who was politically and financially savvy, willing to accept a more modest salary, committed to diversity and equity, had humility and integrity and who could generate donations to the university.

“We did have a list of nominations, but I want to say that the person [who] stood out far above all other candidates was Stephen Percy,” Castillo said. “I think the feeling on the campus was that Stephen Percy was the person who exemplifies the qualities of the university.”

The Board also approved the appointment of Vice-Chair Greg Hinckley to replace departing Chair Castillo and the appointment of trustee Margeret Kirkpatrick to vice chair.

Appointments to chair and vice chair are for one year but can be extended another year if the Board chooses.

Trustee Maude Hines also announced her departure from the Board.

“I want to thank [Castillo] and Maude,” Kirkpatrick said. “It’s been great to serve with you, and I’m going to miss you both.”