BREAKING: Anti-transgender provocateurs to visit PSU Campus

Individual’s goal is to confront students, QRC says

Some anti-transgender provocateurs may be on Portland State campus next week with the intention to “instigate debate over access to gender affirming care to minors,” according to a statement made by the Queer Resource Center from an inside tip.


The statement, made first in an Instagram post on April 26 followed by an email to the QRC community, said that the provocateurs’ goal is to stir up students and staff while recording reactions. The email notes, however, that provocateurs are often trained to stay calm and within their rights during conversations, therefore making it illegal to stop them under the First Amendment.


“In a radical act of resistance, we invite you to ignore and disengage from the provocateurs and turn towards community and supporting Trans and Gender Diverse people directly,” the email stated. “We invite all PSU students, faculty and staff who support the purpose and values of the Queer Resource Center to our social hour from 12-1 every day during May 1-5.”


The announcement came shortly after an email by PSU President Stephen Percy on April 27 to the college which details that as a university, PSU stands behind those who are trans and gender divergent in light of increasing anti-trans legislation introduced in the past year.


“At Portland State, we are committed to being a safe space for all members of the LGBTQIA+ community to learn and thrive,” Percy stated in the email. “We recognize the toll this campaign, and the media that surrounds it, has on the queer and trans members of our community along with their family and friends. Please know that there are resources that all may find supportive in the current environment.”


The Queer Resource Center offers open drop-in at their student lounge in SMSU 458 Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. along with a variety of virtual support and options for students to donate or volunteer at the center. For access to their resources, visit For questions or concerns about the announcement, reach out to Murph Murphy, the director of Queer Student Services at [email protected].