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Congratulations ASPSU: remember your promises

The votes are in and the students have spoken. Our new ASPSU president and vice-president for 2002-03 will be Kristin Wallace and Dune Zhu. We would like to extend our congratulations to the WaZhu campaign and the Cory Murphy/Lindsey Bauer slate for raising some pertinent issues about our campus during the campaign. Wallace and Zhu pledged to work for better access to education for groups that have often seen their access limited or denied. They promised to increase diversity in the classroom and push for Black Studies & Chicano/Latino Studies majors and to continue work toward the Native American Studies Minor. They also promised to build campus community through study areas for parents and children and increased support for student athletics. We see all of these endeavors as both challenging and worthwhile, and encourage the newly announced winners to continue with the enthusiasm they held during the election. Considering the very diverse composition of the newly elected student senate, which is comprised of senators from campaign tickets and many with drastically opposing viewpoints, it should prove to be an eventful year. We hope, however, that it will also be a politically productive year. To all new members of our governing body, the Vanguard extends congratulations and good luck.