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Controversies mar election week

The Kristin Wallace and Dhun Zhu campaign held a fundraiser on Friday, March 23. The party has been the source of much controversy. Allegations about illegal fundraising and underage drinking have been at the heart of the debate. Both Krisitin Wallace and Emily Garrick maintain that the party was intended for close friends only.

The fliers produced for the event have been at the center of controversy.

Garrick admits she produced the fliers. She said she made quarter page fliers, numbering 25 at most, but never posted them. Only twelve people showed up for the fundraiser.

Garrick, Wallace and Zhu maintain the fliers were passed out as directions to close friends only.

However, on Wednesday a PSU student addressed the Elections Committee in a letter, “On March 23 at the 95.5 vs. MENCHA charity basketball game around 6 p.m. fliers were passed out that advertised a fundraising event by the Wallace and Zhu campaign. … These fliers were passed out to everybody. … I don’t know either the person who gave me the flier nor the people who organized the fundraiser personally. I would be willing to testify to the committee.”

The person who wrote this letter also provided a copy of the flier that she received.

Also, Napoleon Linardatos claims he found a flier posted in the library.

Serving alcohol to minors was another concern about the fundraiser.

Ken Palke, OLCC spokesperson said, “The sponsor or the event is responsible for checking ID’s.”

Palke went on to say people are “not allowed to charge admission to an event where liquor is served without a license.”

Garrick said she was taking money as people came in the door. She said the money was to finance the campaign, not to pay for the beer. Garrick said the keg was donated by a PSU alumn.

Both Zhu and Wallace are minors, under the age of 21.

When asked if holding a party with alcohol was in conflict with a platform where both candidate minors, Wallace said “Absolutely not.”

Zhu added, “We know we are minors and we know not to drink.”