COVID-19 Update

Total at PSU since pandemic began: 8 cases

2 November cases


Two students living in Portland State residence halls tested positive for COVID-19 in November, bringing the total number of cases in residence halls to five since the pandemic began. The potential on-campus exposures that were identified tested negative. 


Total in Oregon as of Nov. 15: 56,880 cases, 761 deaths


With rapidly rising COVID-19 cases, Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced a two week freeze on Friday in order to slow the spread. It will take effect statewide from Nov. 18–Dec. 2. The freeze, according to AP News, will close gyms and recreational facilities, restrict restaurants and bars to takeout only and will restrict social gatherings to six or fewer people. Hot spot counties could have longer freezes, such as Multnomah County, which will see at least a four-week freeze. 


Total in the U.S. as of Nov. 15: 11,050,100 cases, 245,777 deaths


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For PSU community members and others who have visited PSU, who have been exposed to, tested positive for or diagnosed with COVID-19, PSU strongly recommends filling out the self reporting form, which can be found on the Student Health and Counseling website.