Dear lover, a thousand miles away

The challenges and benefits of long distance relationships

Valentine’s Day is approaching; are you going to spend it with your lover or are you going to listen to sad songs in the bathroom, wishing you were with that special someone?


International students, this one’s for you. I know you’re probably thousands and thousands of miles away from home, must be tough right? What’s even tougher is if you’re also that far away from your partner who’s back home while all of your friends are busy spending that special day with their significant others.


Long distance relationships are not for everyone—there are a lot of obstacles to face in order for it to work. One of those obstacles is trust issues. You’re already so far away from your partner, and if you don’t trust that person, the long distance relationship is going to be even more difficult. It’s not like you can just book a plane ticket every time you want to make sure they’re not cheating on you. That’s why if you want to be in a relationship with someone, you need to trust them first. Why would you date someone who you can’t trust, right?


Another reason why long distance relationships are hard is the fact that sometimes you want someone who’s not just there for you, but someone who is physically there with you. Thank goodness for our current era—now we have Facetime and Skype! We can see their faces everytime we miss them, but is that enough? 


Unfortunately, there are these things called time zones. We can’t just call them every single time we miss them. We need to make sure they’re not in class or sleeping. This can become a major issue when one person in that relationship is sacrificing their time more in order to Facetime the other person. . 


Long distance relationships can be a blessing in disguise too. They can teach people to be more independent and trustworthy. Plus, it teaches you to value someone more and to make every moment count!