Donald Trump: The scariest man in America

Donald Trump at a New Hampshire campaign event in August 2015. Courtesy of user Michael Vadon through Wikimedia Commons

As a student of history, I hear the oft-repeated refrain, “If we’re not careful, history will repeat itself.” For most of my life that phrase has elicited little more than an eye-roll or a dismissive grunt. But lately, I’ve been rethinking my previous skepticism. The arrival of Donald Trump into the American political landscape has been the genesis of my newfound confusion.

A friend of mine—a hardcore Bernie Sanders supporter—thinks Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Benito Mussolini. Another friend thinks Trump is the Antichrist—literally. While I share neither of these opinions, I do believe Trump is a modern-day fascist and the face of some of the most disgusting and horrible aspects of our society. We haven’t seen such a groundswell of racism, xenophobia and hatred from so many people since the 1960s, and to some extent, not even then.

As a child of the ’90s, I saw racism and hatred quickly fading: It was a set of beliefs quickly moving into the annals of history, something still practiced only by backward troglodytes. While racism certainly existed in abundance then, it wasn’t quite as obvious as it is today.

In many ways we have Trump to thank for that. To be sure, he is not the problem but merely a symptom of the underlying disease. His hate-filled rhetoric, his open calls for violence and his total disregard for the rule of law all combine to create a standard-bearer for a modern-day fascist regime.

This man is winning the support of fringe hate groups by using openly racist language. He convinced a theater full of Florida voters to give him the Nazi salute. He has taken several tips from the Kim Jong-un playbook and has been handsomely rewarded for it. And he is poised to become the Republican nominee for president of the United States, arguably one of the most powerful people on earth.

This is unprecedented in American politics except once: when the states declared Civil War, which is why Trump is so frightening. By himself he is harmless—little more than a demagogue with a bad suit and a stupid hairdo. But with a violent, virulently racist segment of the population at his disposal, his power increases dramatically. He now has a sizable part of the population convinced that gutting the constitution and agonizing international powers constitutes good governance.

This is no longer about left and right politics, blue versus red. A personable, charismatic and terrifying man now has a real shot at the presidency. For eight years, I listened to my liberal friends label George W. Bush as a fascist and every time I heard such nonsense I defended the president, despite a vast ideological gulf between myself, the president and his party. Why? Because Bush wasn’t a fascist. He was many things, evil and bad things, but he was no fascist.

Trump is a fascist, or as close as this country has ever seen. He positions himself at the head of the pack as a strongman, the only option for the white lower- and middle-class voters who feel they have been wronged by “the establishment.” He preaches his way is the only way, and that all others—both people and opinions—are worthless.

I pray that Trump does not win the presidency and that the Republican Party learns a painful, valuable lesson. I hope they have a serious Come-To-Jesus moment, realize this is the culmination of years of pandering to racists and religious extremists and will change their platform accordingly.

Whether that’ll happen or not, I have no idea, but one thing is for sure: Our country and its political system will be forever changed by this, and likely not for the better. The filthy, dirty underside of our society has been exposed and held up to the light and given a cheer by some of the most powerful people in the nation.

No good can come of this.


  1. You really need to do some factual research before you publish lies about people. Donald Trump is not perfect but he does stand for Freedom & upholding our Constitution. He is not a racist in any way, shape, or form. He is about protecting American Citizens, black, hispanic, asian, white, red, yellow, & any other race. Race is irrelevant. Citizenship is what matters.
    Are you aware of what is happening in the European Union?
    It may seem mean or inhumane to refuse help to people from other Countries but right now America is not in a position to help our own Citizens. Take a look at our Economy. We are soon to be 22 TRILLION in debt. Most large companies have moved to other Countries with fewer expensive Labor & Environmental Laws to abide by. Our health care system is a disaster. Unemployment is through the roof. It’s time for America to take care of her Citizens.
    As far as Trump being fascist, he’s promoting a return of our Constitutional Liberties, America is the Land of the Free. Free of tyrannical government. It is our Constitution that enables you & your fellow students to be as diverse as you are. Are you aware of how many of our Liberties have been robbed from us since 9/11? Are you aware of what the “Establishment” is attempting to do to America? Are you aware that it was the Democratic Liberals who fought FOR slavery & FOR segregation. “Separate but Equal” was a familiar axiom of Governor George Wallace, a southern Democrat. It was the Democratic Liberals who have always had a history of violence in our Country & it IS the Democratic Liberals who are lashing out with violence today. Trump does not advocate violence. Nobody has given him the Nazi Salute. They were raising their hands, right hand, left hand, some even raised both hands, stating that they were going to vote for him at that Florida rally while Twisted Sisters “We’re not gonna take it” played over the PA & people were jamming in the aisles. Meanwhile, four blocks from the house that my family had put a buy offer on, Black Lives Matter staged a demonstration storming down West Broadway Ave in Mpls, MN chanting “Black Power! Black Power!” with their right fists raised above their heads. They shut down the post office, threw bricks through business windows, threatened with violence every white person in sight, including white children walking home from school. But I suppose it’s “racist” to relay the cold, hard, factual information that my own two Native American eyes saw & my own two Native American ears heard. Needless to say, we rescinded the buy offer on that house.
    The negative publicity Trump has been getting is all propoganda the American people have been fed by the Establishment & mainstream media. The reason the Establishment & mainstream media are so against Trump is because he has thrown a huge monkey wrench in their plans to create the North American Union, which would be similar to the European Union, and that is truly a fascist regime where there are two classes the Elite mega rich 1% & the rest of us. The rest of us will have no money, no power, no voice, no rights whatsoever. It will be just like the Soviet Union was. This is why everybody hates & fears Donald Trump. He is trying to Save America not destroy it. Do real research and you’ll see that I am right.
    It really doesn’t matter though because Trump isn’t going to be Elected & when he’s not all of America is going to have a “Come-to-Jesus moment”, probably not immediately but it won’t be long before the Establishment seals all our fates. And speaking of not mattering, writing this to you probably won’t matter either. This contains too much truth & too many facts. Were you to actually publish this in your student newspaper, I’m sure it would probably violate all of the Unconstitutional “safe spaces” at Portland State, and send 90% of the student body into an immediate “triggered” weeping, sobbing emotional state. The poor Dean of the University would then doubtlessly be flooded with DEMANDS for trauma therapists & grief counselors, as well as demanding that you be expelled for publishing such a “terrifying” hate-filled letter. Leaving you no doubt feeling like those Trump supporters felt a few days back when they tried to hold a peaceful student rally & were bombarded by a mass of student protestors who took over, threatening physical assault of the Trump supporters & threatened to “find out where they live” insinuating that the Trump Supporters will be unexpectedly physically assaulted at home. If you don’t believe me, watch the video. It’s on YouTube. What happened at that meeting is EXACTLY why this Country desparately needs someone like Trump as President. Someone who will stand up for us, the American Citizens & protect our rights of Free Speech, Free Thoughts, & Free Believes. Someone who will protect us from terroristic attacks occurring HERE in America. Someone who will put American Citizens First & make sure that our children have a future that is not filled with hate, poverty, & fear.


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