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Election projections

“On Friday, we got about 20 ballots in five hours but today we have received well over a couple of 100, maybe even 500,” Paul Whitney (left) said, as he and Shawn Marks manned the ballot drop-off site in the Smith Center.

Portland State community members waited until the last minute to drop off their ballots, like a majority of Oregon voters.

Several measures were still hotly debated as election day drew near. Measure 13, which would transfer $220 million from an emergency fund to be used for schools, was still causing a stir on election day. Other measures seemed particularly doomed, such as measure 26-30, which would reorganize city hall with more powers being vested in the mayor.

Candidates vied in their party’s primary elections for a bid to face-off in November’s election. Some candidates, like David Wu and Gordon H. Smith, ran unopposed. The following are the projected election results at press time.


  • Measure 10 (Stocks for colleges): Yes
  • Measure 11 (OHSU funding): Yes
  • Measure 13 (Emergency funds for schools): No

MEASURES (Multnomah County, Local)

  • Measure 26-11 (Repeals density requirement): No
  • Measure 26-29 (Prohibits increased density): Yes
  • Measure 26-28 (Money for parks): Yes*
  • Measure 26-30 (Changes city government): No
  • Measure 26-31 (Community college money): No*
  • Measure 26-32 (Money for library): Yes*
    *These measures require a minimum 50 percent voter turnout.



  • Governor:Ted Kulongowski
  • US Senator:Bill Bradbury
  • US Representative: David Wu


  • Governor:Kevin Mannix
  • U.S. Senator:Gordon H. Smith
  • U.S. Representative:Jim Greenfield


  • Superintendent of Public Instruction: Susan Castillo
  • Commissioner of the Bureau of Labor and Industries: Dan Gardner