Events Calendar May 24–30, 2023






Wed, May 24

Creative Club

Sellwood Community House

10:15 a.m.


A mix of art skills instruction with a story circle, always looking for new folks


Polaris Hall

8 p.m.


Captivating listeners with powerful and immersive soundscapes that leave a lasting impact

Aries Spears

Helium Comedy Club

8 p.m.


A comedic heavyweight with outstanding impressions and unique takes on current events

Tech Help Drop-In

Hillsdale Library

10 a.m.


Tech helpers offer one-on-one assistance for all your technology needs, from mobile devices to websites

Thurs, May 25

Flora Collective Art Show


6 p.m.


Botanical themed group art show/art walk! Support local art, drink wine & flower gaze.

Austin Millz

45 East

8 p.m.


A talented music producer and DJ with dynamic beats and infectious energy

Myra’s Story

21ten Theatre

7:30 p.m.


Myra’s alcoholism reveals generational and political traumas in a working class Dublin community

Drink, Paint, Socialize

PDX Suite Spot

7 p.m.


Unleash your inner Picasso and add a twist to your night out

Fri, May 26

Omens of Capacity

Oregon Center for Contemporary Art

12 p.m.


A poetry reading featuring Janice Lee and Bridgette Hickey

Shakin’ Up Alberta Street

Donnie Vegas

10 p.m.


Ska and Reggae, featuring special guests

Boogie Nights in 70mm

Hollywood Theatre

7 p.m.


A riveting film that delves into the thrilling and tumultuous world of the adult entertainment industry

Portland Rose Festival


12 p.m.


Tradition, community unity and diverse events with contemporary and nostalgic programming

Sat, May 27

Warhol-Inspired Portland

Bottle & Bottega

2:30 p.m.


A fun and creative painting class inspired by Andy Warhol

Infected Mushroom

45 East

10 p.m.


Electronic music duo known for infectious beats and mind-bending psychedelic soundscapes

2001: A Space Odyssey

Hollywood Theatre

1:30 p.m.


Kubrick’s mesmerizing sci-fi masterpiece takes viewers on a journey through space and time

Free Market

Gateway Discovery Park

1 p.m.


Give freely and take what you need: food, clothes, electronics, plants, toys, furniture and more

Sun, May 28

Mosaic Festival

Lovett Deconstruction & Salvage Shop

11 a.m.


Join Sarah Taylor and Dr. Tanya March for a tour of former riparian marshlands

Oregon Symphony

Arlene Schnizer Concert Hall

2 p.m.


Renowned orchestra captivating audiences with powerful performances and exquisite musicianship

After Life & Dreams

5th Avenue Cinema

3 p.m.

Students: Free

General: $7

35mm double feature of After Life and Dreams

Vortex Community Meet

Tea Chai Te

10 a.m.


A creative gathering to collaborate and bring ideas to life

Mon, May 29

Project Time

Rogue Hall

7 p.m.


Bring your projects, meet new friends and enjoy crafting together

Hot Lovin’ Jazz Babies

The Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge

7 p.m.


High-energy swing ensemble captivating Portland’s dance community with a speakeasy vibe

Open Mic Comedy

Cheerful Tortoise

9 p.m.


Five-minute comedy sets on campus at PSU, with sign-ups starting at 8:30 p.m.


The High Water Mark

6 p.m.


Support local artists and small businesses in a vibrant market featuring art, crafts, jewelry and more

Tues, May 30

Secluded Lake

Bottle & Bottega

6:30 p.m.


Learn to paint a lake in a forest with instruction from an artist


Wonder Ballroom

8 p.m.


Internationally acclaimed desert blues band known for their soulful music and captivating Saharan rhythms

Elemental: Reimagine Wildfire

Hollywood Theatre

6:30 p.m.


A powerful documentary exploring wildfires, climate experts’ voices and reimagining our relationship with fire

Scavenger Hunt for Couples

Benson Bubbler

12 p.m.


An outdoor escape room, scavenger hunt, walking tour, charming places, love stories and fun challenges