Fabio-tastic erotic titles

The candles are lit, a nice glass of Cabernet sits by your side. The only thing missing is your BAE: Bareback Adult Erotica.

Before picking up your favorite Danielle Steel novel, consider this: What if you were to write your own stimulating romance?

Here are a few ideas to get your inners twitching:

Pink Ivory
Plot: Lumber comes in all shapes and sizes; no one knows this better than woodsman Brad Bowmen. Pink ivory lumber is comparable to blood diamonds, painstakingly extracted from the war torn country of Mozambique. Bowmen, the quiet, sensitive type has never been one to take notice of anything other than his work. While on the hunt for the most exquisite pink ivory, Bowmen comes across a local store clerk named Pearl Cummings. Cummings’ father owns a lumber yard housing more than fifty forms of rare wood. Growing up within the aroma of sawdust and wood, Cummings has a refined knowledge for lumber. Bowmen quickly realizes he has met his match when Cummings teaches him a thing or two about not only lumber, but love. Within this haven, Bowmen finds a woman who for once might draw his attention away from his work and towards something other than his wood.

Plot: Pleasure-seeking stallion Cody Bushkins embarks on a summer of work at a Swedish farm. He meets keeper Nick Tremble, a gentle-mannered farmer with little interest in Bushkins’ wild ways. After a rough introduction and weeks of butting heads, the two strong-willed men find that their strengths and weaknesses may actually compliment each other. When tragedy strikes, Tremble and Bushkins only have each other to lean on. Bushkins discovers how sensitivity can be more prevailing than an ego-indulging impulse and Tremble sees a life beyond the back hoe. Will their summer romance last, or will it soon just be a tumble in the hay?

A Firm Hand
Plot: As secretary to one of the most powerful lawyers in Portland, Camden Hunger knows a thing or two about keeping secrets. But what he’s about to learn will be the ultimate test of his abilities. At Caulker & Shaft Law Group, Hunger can barely hide his feelings for boss Ashton Allure. Though Allure is domineering and dismissive, Hunger can see glimmers of pain and sensitivity sneak through her tough, well-dressed exterior. When the firm is hired to take on a high-profile case, Hunger finds himself spending long hours alone in the office with Allure. Despite the high pressure, the only briefs Hunger can think about are the ones she’s wearing…and what might really be underneath. Though Allure has yet to call any objection to the sexual tension, it’s clear she’s hiding secrets about her past. It will be up to Hunger whether he wants to bang the gavel on their budding romance, or investigate their future together.

Palates will be wet, fingers will be itching for more; the only thing left to do is explore the deep, dark corners of that special place.