To wear or not to wear?

Yes! You finally matched with that hottie on one of those many trending dating apps (Tinder, OkCupid, Grindr) and you’re meeting for a first date. But what to wear?!

You’re having a wardrobe malfunction because now you have to match your first impression with all your “candid” profile pictures. At this point you’re probably thinking “OMG, I don’t look that hot every single day!”

Relaaax…as long as they weren’t pictures of you from 10 years ago or 50 pounds lighter, then I think you will be fine. The attraction part is already a done deal.

Depending on where you and your smultry* date meet will alter how you dress up or dress down for the date.

Assuming you and your companion decide to meet at a bar, dressing casual is the way to go. You don’t want to overdress or underdress either. If you dress on the more feminine side I’d suggest some jeans that hug your physique and a flattering top with either an edgy cardigan or sexy leather jacket with some cute ankle boots.

If you dress more masculine, I’d say it would go a little more in your favor if you put a little effort into your outfit. Wear your favorite pair of clean jeans and ditch the usual graphic tee. Instead, put on that V-neck that’s been hiding in your closet; dark or light colors would both work with some nice dress shoes.

Unless, of course, you’re meeting for a cute afternoon coffee date. Then you can have a little bit more fun with your attire.

With the weather being all cold, it’s the perfect time to layer up. So ladies, pull out your oversized sweater that snugs your body, with some tight stockings, knee high socks and some long leather boots. Everyone loves the comfy-sexy look. And for gentlemen, you can be creative with adding different textures and color combinations here too. Like maybe a pair of black or blue jeans, a short sleeve V-neck shirt or a tan plain shirt, with a brown fitted sweater or cardigan. This way the both of you have the cozy look that could potentially put the idea of “warming up together” on your mind.

Or maybe you’ve gotten to the Netflix & chill stage of the dating process. This date is typically the most relaxing date attire. You can dress in something comfy. But that doesn’t mean that you should look sloppy. You don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed just because it’s a home date.

You can go two ways here: Whether you dress more manly or lady like, denim could work with any nice top. Or ladies a super basic and easy to wear (and takeoff) casual fitted dress with a chunky scarf and tights. But if you want to go for jeans, you can throw on a cardigan that can easily dress up your look, but not too much. The key to this specific date is making sure what’s underneath is worth seeing…just in case.

On the other hand, let’s say both of you are into getting to know each other the wilderness way. Your outfit all depends on the type of hike you two go on. Whether it’s for sport or a picnic, if there is a lot of climbing that will likely work your gluts, I’d suggest sportswear. You can wear sweats or yoga pants, with a regular fitted sweater and sneaks. This way you’re comfortable and look cute while breaking a sweat.

The idea is, it’s important to like how you look when you go on these dates.

Confidence in your attire will make it easier to be yourself.

*Smultry: Combination of smoldering and sultry.