Findom for absolute beginners

Financial Domination, or findom for short, is the purposeful attempt to demand money from submissives that thrill on being made to give up something important to someone they view as better. Findoms and Findommes have a fairly straightforward manner of conducting themselves but with this simple guide you can learn the tricks of the trade.

Have a persona 

Most findom(me)s have a persona, whether it’s as a “Cashmaster” or “Cashmistress,” the “straight alpha,” the “goddess,” or what have you. You can pick any of these or you can make your own—just make sure it evokes an idea of superiority.

Know the hashtags 

Most of findom is done online, and as a result there are a few hashtags you should know. Using #findom, #cashmaster, #sugarbaby will be a sure way to identify yourself. Asking for a #humanatm or #paypig will let would-be financiers know you’re serious.

Have the look 

Findom isn’t a trend that has a standard look, but some looks are more popular. For those who identify as male, showing feet or sweaty socks, a cocky middle finger and spitting at the camera is a sure signal to paypigs. For those women in the audience, a pouty face, a picture of your shoe collection and no smile tells your human ATMs who’s boss.

Know what to ask for 

Are you demanding chastity? Do you want to be paid for however many replies and retweets your post gets online? Knowing the terms of worship from your sugar daddy is the key.

Take yourself seriously, sorta 

Finally, make sure your persona does not bleed into your day-to-day life as that will reduce your chances of giving it your all when asked to be worshipped. You may be a cashmaster online, but you’re still you with your friends.