From the hill to the ‘hall: Oct. 24–30

JFK ███████ assassination files ███████ released ███████

The United States National Archives, under the direction of President Donald Trump, released a mass of formerly classified files regarding the assassination of former-President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on Oct. 26. This long-awaited release was intended at first to be much larger, but was cut for the most part due to concerns raised by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency, who will review files that will be released on a rolling schedule in the upcoming months.

Arizona Senator will not go quietly

Republican Senator Jeff Flake announced he will not seek re-election after his term ends in 2019 on Oct. 24, decrying President Trump’s conduct and the current state of affairs in Washington. Addressing the president directly, Flake stated “enough” and went on to describe the numerous ways in which he felt Trump degraded the office and harmed the nation.

Senators quietly strip consumers of right to sue banks

Led by Republican senators including Jeff Flake, the Senate approved a Trump-backed measure to remove the right of consumers to pursue class action lawsuits against banks, reinstating forced arbitration. The measure retrogresses from prior efforts made at allowing consumers the right to pool resources to take on banks that may have acted unfairly.

First ‘Russiagate’ charges filed as special counsel mulls more

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, tasked with investigating meddling in the 2016 election by Russia, has brought charges via grand jury against the first of what may be many defendants. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, along with aides Rick Gates and George Papadopoulos, were listed in unsealed indictments on Oct. 30, for various charges related to fraud. Papadopoulos, in particular, is under intense scrutiny for discussions related to former-candidate Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails.

Court halts Trump ban on trans troops

The federal court in DC on Oct. 30 sided with trans advocates and halted Trump’s order rejecting military service by transgender troops.

Oregon State Senator stripped of committee roles for inappropriate behavior

Senator Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg) was formally stripped of his committee assignments by Senate President Peter Courtney (D-Salem) after allegations of misconduct came to light. These allegations from Senator Sara Gelser (D-Corvallis) prompted a warning from the legislature’s lawyer in 2016, but recent high profile harassment and abuse cases have brought renewed attention to these allegations, especially after Senator Gelser tweeted about misconduct, prompting an investigation by the Oregonian.


Peterson’s keeps up the fight, Weds., Nov. 1, 9:30 a.m.
Public testimony supporting Peterson’s during the renovation of the Morrison garage will be presented, including testimony from Doug Peterson.

Native American Heritage Month proclamation, Weds., Nov. 1, 9:45 a.m.
Mayor Ted Wheeler will be proclaiming November Native American Heritage Month. There will be 15 minutes given for this proclamation.