Get geared up: campus resources for the aspiring cyclist

Do you fantasize about what it would be like to be a bike-commuter? Have you pictured how toned your thighs would be if you made the plunge and put on those padded shorts? Maybe you’ve imagined the added gumption in your step if you had a helmet swinging on your hip.

I know I have. What, then, is holding us back? My question: where do I start?

Portland is one of the top bike-friendly cities in the US, and by extension, Portland State has extraordinary resources for novice and weathered bicyclists right here on campus.

PSU Bike Hub:
Mon.-Fri. 8-6 pm
Sat. 10-4 pm

Located at the corner of Southwest 6th & Harrison, the PSU Bike Hub is an all-service bike shop specially designed for students, faculty and staff. You can come in to repair your own bike with their tools, learn basic and advanced bike-maintenance skills from their staff of mechanics, find maps, buy parts and accessories at a discount with membership. Staff and members are also on hand to discuss bike-friendly routes around the city and offer tips to make your two-wheeled commute as safe and enjoyable as possible. The Bike Hub works to foster a community of knowledgeable cyclists through their events, secure parking options, and their blog.

Biker Breakfast
The biker breakfast is hosted every week in May providing Einstein Brothers bagels, fresh coffee and breakfast bars. And the best part? It’s FREE, courtesy of our sponsors Olé Latte Coffee, PSU Dining, and KIND Snacks.

This breakfast is an extension of this year’s annual PSU Bike Challenge meant to encourage the biking community with reward incentives—check out the Bike Hub webpage for details on how to sign up!

Join fellow bike enthusiasts (or aspiring novices) for breakfast between 8-10 am on:
Tues., May 10th in the PSU Urban Plaza
Wed., May 18th in front of the engineering building on 4th Ave
Thurs., May 26th in front of the SRTC building
Tues., May 31st between Lincoln and Cramer Halls on Broadway

Come early before the food runs out!

Editor’s note: In the interest of transparency, the Vanguard has built an organizational team for the PSU Bike Challenge. Team Vanguard regards the only conflict of interest as the conflict of our tires in our competitors’ faces as we grind to the top this year.

Indoor Bicycle Parking:
Seeing locked bicycles on the side of the road with missing wheels, handlebars, and other bike appendages is not encouraging to the aspiring cyclist commuter. We’re college students—we can’t afford to replace our front wheels every time they get caught in the web of thievery! Fortunately, at only $15/ term, PSU provides seven secure indoor bike garages around campus. These garages include lockers, changing stalls, and repair stands at selected locations.

Bike PSU student group:
Bike PSU is one of the many fee-funded student groups on campus, and a bicycle advocacy organization aiming to get more PSU community members on two wheels. These cycling students work with the campus to coordinate VikeBikes, a rental program bringing bicycles to students in need at affordable rates. BikePSU also coordinates group rides, workshops, and even organizes for cycling politics.

Info available at

PSU Bike Hub Blog:
Stay connected! You can follow PSU’s Bike Hub Blog at to keep updated on upcoming news and events like the biker breakfast dates and locations, the bike challenge winners and their prizes, when the summer indoor parking permits will go on sale, and the spring and summer workshop and clinic schedule designed to teach people fundamental cycling skills (free for members and only $5 for walk-ins). This blog is a fast and easy way to stay updated and connected with the cycling community at PSU.

Biking is a healthy transportation alternative for your body, your wallet and the environment. Take advantage of these campus resources while you can and make your cycling fantasy a reality. I think you’ll find that those padded shorts aren’t as scary as you thought.