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Graduation Issue correction

Graduating senior Ian Lynam was profiled in the Vanguard’s Graduation Issue for his work as a Graphic Design student here at Portland State. The article, as written, gave readers the impression that the interview was done in a question-and-answer format, when it was in fact not. The interview was done in a casual conversation format and, unfortunately, Mr. Lynam was misquoted on several occasions.

In his capacity as a graphic designer, Mr. Lynam in fact works with the art form of silk screening, not with screen savers as stated in the piece. His comments regarding the creativity of his colleagues in the field of graphic design were also taken out of context. Mr. Lynam has great respect and admiration for everyone in the graphic design department here at PSU and out in the community.

The Vanguard would like to extend its apologies to Mr. Lynam for the error.