When it comes to Halloween, many flock to Oregon yearly to visit the Spirit of Halloweentown—located in our very own St. Helens. Many people didn’t even know that the far-away fantasy land filled with magic, known from the Disney Channel classic Halloweentown, actually exists a short drive from Portland!


Every year since the film, the locals of St. Helens have transformed their town to recreate the beauty from the franchise that is so close to many people’s hearts, allowing people to share the magic from generation to generation. The town looks forward to hosting every year and even supports tourism, by providing free parking for those shopping and spending money at local businesses.


Aside from the beautiful scenery and the recreation of the titular town itself, there’s also tons to do. There is currently a haunted hotel, self-guided walking tours, a giant pumpkin totem on display, a mysterious dark market, the so-called “whispers in the woods” and—last but not least—walking with pumpkins! The small businesses are also open all along the riverfront. The events are all family-friendly and encourage all ages to celebrate—a great time to explore and learn more about St. Helens and the once-per-year transformation.


Halloweentown is just one of the major franchises that shares some of its scenery of St. Helens. Another beloved favorite that has its hooks in the area—Twilight. A couple notable locations are actually located in this beloved town: the dress shop where Bella first finds herself in danger and her father Charlie’s house.


Actually, Charlie’s house is a real place that you can rent, though it’s booked out until 2024. Both the Twilight and Halloweentown films have led to a boom in St. Helens’ tourism industry during the month of October—though some sites can be visited year-round.


During 2020, many people simply didn’t get the Halloween they expected. This small town’s incredibly immersive experience will be taking place through the end of the month, giving everyone a chance to enjoy the sinister season.


While open on weekdays, the special events tend to happen on weekends. For the final weekend, watch the trick-or-treater parade or get an autograph signed on Oct. 31 by Sophie (Emily Roeske) from Halloweentown or Emmett (Kellan Lutz) from Twilight (tickets available on their site). A great send off for pumpkin season!