Have You Heard: The Music Edition

Heyyyy, have you heard that Lady Gaga has new music out now? In a flash back to her disco stick era, “Stupid Love” is a rolicking adventure through longing and regret. If sound could be defined by the direction it points, every note in “Stupid Love” seems to be moving in the same direction with cycling backbeats overlaid with hi-hats, arrow-tipped synth beats and cute distorted backing vocals. Five stars, or whatever.

Speaking of flashback music, Rage Against the Machine is playing Moda Center this April. I’m sure it will be hard to find fans of anti-authoritarian nu-metal in our sleepy city, but they will probably manage pretty well. Speaking of bands that were popular in the ‘90s, Alien Ant Farm and Eve 6 are playing Dante’s a few nights later. A smaller venue means they’re just trying to ensure their best fans can get up close and personal, right? Unless you love blood, make sure you stay out of the splash zone during Eve 6’s amazing performance of “Inside Out,” complete with live blender action!

Oh hey, did you know that Portland State has a robust music department? If you’re a fan of, say, Esperanza Spalding (a notable PSU alum), you’ll be happy to know that the tradition of producing great concerts is ongoing here at PSU. It’s probably not a surprise, but alongside the art department’s awesome line-up of plays, there are frequent musical performances. If you, like Esperanza Spalding, are all about that bass, then you should check out the department’s calendar!

Dear Esperanza Spalding, I am very sorry for the bad pun. Hearts and admiration, a PSU peer.

Okay, moving on, I’ve just got word that no real physical tender hearts will be thrown into blenders and spun round into a beautiful oblivion at the Eve 6 concert. Now that I’m through with that, we have more concert announcements. You might have heard that the Queen of Pop, Mistress Music, Doyenne of Dance herself will be gracing Portland with her greatest hits. Yes, you guessed right, Janet Jackson is going to be in Portland on Aug. 20! And if you didn’t guess that Queen of Pop refers to Miss Jackson, maybe because she’s not an ambitious blond, then you should reassess your life choices.

Sorry, I’m still listening to Lady Gaga, gimme a second here.

Finally, have you heard that the deaf and hard of hearing are increasingly able to experience music? Beyond just the vibrance of highly animated sign language interpreters, technology has now stepped in to give those who feel more than hear a chance to get to know the magic of song. Devices like the SubPac and Cymatic Lighting system allow deaf and hard of hearing music fans to experience music in a new and engrossing way. Accessible music! I love it!