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It doesn’t take a giant to lead a team

Despite common misconceptions, a basketball player does not have to be seven feet tall, 250 pounds to be a standout on the court. A case in point is 5-foot-4 senior point guard for the Vikings Krishelle Jessee.

Jessee may not have the advantage of size on her side, but what she lacks in physical stature, she makes up for with strong will and determination. And she is quick. She can outrun just about anyone, according to head coach George Wolfe, who called Jessee “one of the fastest players in the Big Sky (Conference).”

Jessee began her basketball career in Utah, where she was born to Norman and Bonnie Jessee. She started handling a basketball when she was in the fourth grade and immediately developed a strong love for the game.

“Right from the start I just loved basketball,” Jessee said. “I wasn’t that interested in anything else.”

Attending high school in South Jordan, Utah at Bingham High School, Jessee took all-region honors her senior year. Also, while at Bingham, she participated in track.

The people Jessee looks up to the most are her parents. And Michael Jordan of course.

“My parents have been the biggest influence in my life and my best support,” Jessee said. “My dad helps me keep going when things get tough. My mom is the same. She is an amazing person.”

Some players may feel a lot of pressure as one of the only upperclassmen on a team, but not Jessee. She thrives off of the purity of the sport and in fact, she happens to enjoy being one of the older ones.

Basketball isn’t the only thing driving Jessee at the moment. Currently she is double majoring in school health and community health and hopes one day to either teach or coach basketball.

“My options are so wide open right now,” Jessee said. “There’s a lot of things I want to try.”

With her college career coming to a close, Jessee couldn’t be happier about her accomplishments and said she is surprised that she has been playing college basketball for four years already.

“I love the game and when I’m done I know I’m going to miss it,” she said.

One thing that Jessee lives for is the weekly games. She gets a rush from stepping out on the court and putting everything on the line.

“I love the games,” Jessee said. “That’s what we’re here for. That’s what we’ve worked so hard for.”

Practice makes perfect, and for Jessee, not only does it help her in her constant struggle for improvement, but also it is a part of her daily life.

“You get in the gym, you start working up a sweat and I love it,” Jessee said with a smile. “The hardest part is getting out of bed.”

Along with her fiery will and determination, Jessee’s pure love for the game can be seen each time she walks out on the court. This, along with her ability to lead and her respect for her teammates, makes this little point guard a big standout.