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Jane & Kisha’s NBA picks

We love to watch the NBA, but we especially love to watch these guys. Part of the reason these guys have made these teams is that they are just such amazing athletes. It really makes them that much more intriguing to watch for us as fans.

First Team

Michael Jordan: Is there anything that needs to be said? He is just hot.

Vince Carter: He’s a baller, he has an amazing body and that smile is something else.

Kobe Bryant: His smile, his hair and ohh those eyes.

Allen Iverson: You don’t get much better than AI.

Chris Webber: Fab five all right, there are definitely five things that are fabulous about him.

Second Team

Ray Allen

Tracy McGrady

Wally Szczerbiak

Allan Houston

Darius Miles

We have also made an Honorable Mention team. This is for the guys who are not as hot but definitely cute. They just missed the cut.

Honorable Mention

1. Grant Hill

2. Jerry Stackhouse

3. Bonzi Wells

4. Marcus Camby

5. Kevin Garnett