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Kai ‘The Mack’ Hsing’s ‘Crate Digger’s Valentine Mix’

This is entitled the “The Crate Digger’s Valentine Mix” not necessarily because all of these songs are hard to find, but as a DJ of some esteem, I see them as quality tunes not so obvious to the general audience, which is part of the art in the first place.

These are not necessarily the best love songs, but they are at least different. So impress by showing off your taste-making abilities with this selection to get you some bump ‘n’ grind – guaranteed from a guy with terrible taste in relationships. So go download these songs and burn them on a disc for your big date tonight. Not that I support illegal Internet activities, but it will happen anyway, so enjoy.

De La Soul – “Eye Know”

Bring yourself back into the Daisy Age with this happy sing-along from the messiahs of the Golden Age of hip-hop. Who could resist that jingly horn section and all of that whistling? That chorus of “I know I love you better” will stay with you today, tomorrow and whenever you think of cool summer hangouts and walks in the park.

Lamb – “Cottonwool” (Fila Brazilia remix)

You wouldn’t think this type of drum ‘n’ bass track would have such a sweet message, but it does. The lyrics are short and simple, but sung by Louise Rhodes, they have enough to make you just want to cuddle up with your honey all night wrapped up in some cottonwool, and stay there forever.

Massive Attack – “Protection”

“I will stand in front of you and take the force of the blow.” Protection, baby, that’s how much I care about you. This isn’t your usual love song, but trust me, it’s just as powerful in message. Real chilled-out beats matched with some atmospheric Moog sounds create the mood you need.

Bj퀌_rk – “All Is Full Of Love”

Sweeping electric harps and symphonic synthesizers put you in a state of bliss, or as close as you will ever get to such a state without actually being Bj퀌_rk herself. Where did she find those ethereal sounds anyway? They couldn’t have come from any terrestrial-based source.

Handsome Boy Modeling School – “Sunshine”

Though these picks were intended to be some nice lovemaking tunes, this song is more on the sad side, of which I have plenty in my crates. It still works though, dreaming of that long-lost love, or the one you can’t live without, or the one that got away or all of the above. Makes you want to never forget about her the next time you see her in the street. It makes you want to never let her go. I saw her yesterday but it’s too late.

MC Solaar – “Baby Love”

Baby love, baby love … gotta love that vocoder, as if we hadn’t gotten enough from all those Daft Punk songs. But this Frenchman uses it in moderation, and to great effect. Even if you are not well rehearsed in fran퀌_ais, it shouldn’t matter, because French should be romantic enough, and Solaar has flow even if you have no idea what he’s saying.

Bootsy Collins – “I’d Rather Be With You”

Before Eazy-E did his remake as “I’d Rather Fuck You,” this slow but heavy funk tune with Bootsy’s heart-throbbing bass made everyone go wild. Just don’t get the two versions confused, as it’s no small difference between them.

Finley Quaye – “Even After All”

Echoing guitar riffs and a laid-back dub bassline form the backbone of this smooth groove from a truly eclectic singer. Despite all the rough times you’ve had together, you know it’s real when you gently bounce to this soulful melody, in step.

Finley Quaye – “Your Love Gets Sweeter Everyday”

Though it’s bad form to include two songs by the same artist, I am going to break all the cardinal rules to go on about this song, with its bouncy reggae rhythm and upbeat vocals that make you want to sing them to your love and do some silly dance, under clear blue skies.

Bebel Gilberto – “So Nice (Summer Samba)”

A little samba never hurt for those intimate moments, and yeah, wouldn’t it be nice to have someone hold you tight and love you right? Life would be so nice. Enough said.