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KPSU turns it up on FM

KPSU, PSU’s venerable radio station, 1450 on your AM dial, has plans, many plans for the coming year.

Coming on the heels of broadcasting on the World Wide Web (, which began this past summer, are plans to also broadcast on the FM side.

In an e-mail statement, Dave Jimenez, station manager for KPSU, stated, “We soon will be locating a low wattage FM transmitter on the Smith Memorial (Student Union) which will hopefully provide us with a means to better transmit to campus.”

The added coverage is precipitated by the difficulty of receiving the AM signal in many of the buildings around campus.

Unfortunately for those hoping to tune in to the FM signal during their commute Jimenez adds, “It is unclear what the expected range will be but it will be minimal and confined strictly to campus.” The addition to FM should be ready by the beginning of fall term and the location on the dial at this time is yet to be determined.

For those Frasier Crane or Jim Rome hope-to-be’s, Jimenez suggests, “The best way for people to get involved is for them to come down to the station in the sub-basement of the Smith Center, Room S18 and talk to any of the staff. We are always looking for new volunteers and DJs even though our current broadcasting lineup is full.” For more information contact them at or 503-725-5669.