Moore lessons: White people are sick

Apparently, being a racist pedophile is not enough for white people to reject you

Illustration by Aaron Ughoc

Americans need to do more not to normalize Roy Moore

The Alabama special election to replace Jeff Sessions’ vacant Senate seat was extremely close. In one corner sat a racist pedophile Republican, in the other was a Democrat who sought and got convictions for Klu Klux Klan members nearly 40 years after they planted a bomb that killed four young girls at a black church.

Doug Jones barely beat Roy Moore by just 1.5 percent. Only 20,715 votes made up that difference. That is a fucking hairline. With a Senate race this controversial, you would think everyone would come out, but they didn’t.

Only 38 percent of voters in Alabama chose to have a say in who their elected official would be for the next three years, which means over half of Alabamians decided they didn’t give a fuck whether a racist pedophile Republican was elected.

Remember, this contest was set to replace the Senate seat previously held by America’s racist great-uncle Jeff (a racist who can never seem to recall how fucking racist he is until he’s being racist, and even after he’s just been extremely racist cannot recall those repugnant thoughts that have thoroughly corroded his tiny Keebler-elf brain).

This was not a quiet race. Trump tweeted Moore had sexual allegations against him and proceeded to back him, because of course he would. Last month, Sen. Mitch McConnell said he believed the women who accused Moore of sexual assault, molestation and harassment. Sens. Cory Gardner and Jeff Flake both discussed Moore’s expulsion from Senate and still the Republican National Committee proceeded to endorse and fund his campaign.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney warned Moore’s presence in Congress would be a stain on Republicans and the country. But we don’t need his presence. We have the RNC’s endorsement. That stain is already on your hands.

Moore’s fond feelings toward slavery-era America

Republicans not only elected Donald Trump, but they were also more than happy to support and promote a man who reminisces about the days America still endorsed slavery. When an African American at one of Moore’s rallies in September 2017 asked Moore what Trump meant by wanting to make America great again, Moore told the individual when he thought America was last great, and the publicly spoken response was atrocious and telling:

“I think it [the United States] was great at the time when families were united—even though we had slavery—they cared for one another,” Moore responded. “Our families were strong, our country had direction.”

In 2011, Moore said eliminating amendments after the 10th would solve many problems, and these amendments “have completely tried to wreck the form of government our forefathers intended.”

Those amendments abolished slavery and gave black people and women the right to vote. He has called First Nations people “reds” and Asian-American people “yellows.”

But fuck it, let’s vote for that fuckin’ guy.

It seems Republicans are testing their limits for what kind of trash they can elect into office. Apparently, you can be a racist or a pedophile, but you might not win if you’re both—and even if you are, you still have a pretty solid fighting chance.

While Democrats have praised a changing tide which enabled them to get elected in the deep red state of Alabama, they are wrong. If it wasn’t for shit-stained candidate Roy Moore’s alleged past pursuing 14-year-olds when he was a district attorney in his thirties and his cringeworthy dance with racism, the seat would have gone to a Republican.

Yes, Jones’ win is a victory for Democrats and the U.S. in general, but Moore’s near victory is more noteworthy than his loss. If states had electoral colleges like U.S. presidential contests, Moore would have won, just like Trump.

The Jake Johnson Experience is an ongoing op-ed column by Jake Johnson.


  1. Yep white liberals are sick. Look at the way they supported rapist Bill Clinton for years even though he raped and groped women and flew on Epsteins lolita express to molest underage girls. Clinton also said Fullbright. And talk about racists how many years did liberal racists elect and re-elect KKK leader Robert Byrd.

    Once again the pot calling the kettle black. Liberals white people are the worst.

  2. Ethnomasochistic white leftists like Johnson are literally virtue signaling themselves into their demise. Keep it up idiots, the clock is ticking.

  3. Apparently, the author does not have a problem with all the Democrat gropers and sex assaulters inhabiting congress not to mention their similarly situated supporters in Hollywood and the MSM. Too inconvenient.

  4. Is the person real? Are the Vanguard sure they aren’t falling victim to a hoax? All his articles are of incredibly low quality and seem more like a parody of progressive left politics than a sincere stance.

  5. Hey dimwit…millions of Americans don’t give a damn what you think and tens of millions more think even less of what you think after reading one of the most inane op-eds I’ve ever read. Do you really think your going to convince anyone of your racist point of view by calling them names and throwing around f-bombs??!

    Are you actually 12 years old or just throwing an immature temper tantrum?

    You need psychological help!!

    In writing an op-ed you can be as mean, angry, and narcissistic as you wanna be…go out, be an adult and find some of these Americans you think so little of, look them in the eye and try and spew your bullshit…you’ll probably get a fist between your teeth and would deserve it you imbecile.

    Good luck finding a job anywhere if you ever manage to graduate…stuff like this follows you around and will probably convince someone (maybe a white person) that they should never hire a racist, bigot and hypocrite like yourself!

  6. I fuckin love your fuckin writing style. You are so fuckin cool the way that you actually put some words in between the fuckin use of “fuck” that you use to pepper your fuckin liberal points. Now, not everyone can fuckin use this kind of fuckin language as fuckin naturally as you do. I sure as fuck can’t. I am fuckin anxious to see your next shit-stained article. You make me fuckin optimistic about the fuckin future of this shit-stained country.

    • I’m so fuckin’ articulate, I can’t string two fuckin’ words to fuckin’gether without slipping in a fuckin’ fuck. My righteous fuckin’ indignation is only fuckin’ punctuated by my fuckin’ vulgarity but it’s only because I fuckin’ care so much, my fuckin’ heart bleeds fuckin’ compassion. I also await the next fuckin’ article because even though fuckin’ Portland is drowning in fuckin’ sanctimonious fucks, I can’t get fuckin’ get enough.

  7. A petulant article like this, filled with tired talking points, may as well be written by a bot.
    Heck, most of what comes out of your average emotionally and mentally-stunted millennial may as well be produced by a bot. These intolerant angry leftists have no minds of their own.

  8. As one who actually agrees with some of the logic behind the thinking of this author, I am personally turned off by this article. Mr. Johnson’s point appears to be lost entirely through his dependency on a one-sided, partisan rant and risks alienating anyone who may otherwise even support Mr. Johnson’s particular view.

    Even more, while he certainly has the right to free speech, Mr. Johnson has not proven himself to have the “right” to use the f-word while utilizing elementary-level grammar in a university newspaper. Sir, only those with a clearly proven writing ability should venture into the next level which might allow for words based on a foundation of “fuck”. Mr. Johnson, you are not Hunter S. Thompson, and your failure to grasp basic English in written form are distracting from your message.

    The editors of this paper should be ashamed of giving a pulpit to anyone with such limited writing ability – regardless of the validity of the point being shared. I cannot shake the impression that this author was under a deadline and simply shit out very terribly placed words, commas, and periods. All just for getting a fucking opinion out.

    Now, lets get to the topic at hand. I too am shocked that Mr. Moore found so much support despite his misgivings. Even the justifications provided for him by his base (“it was a different time”, i.e.) are not enough for our author Mr. Johnson to combine anyone “white” into Mr. Moore’s general base of support. No one should be grouped and subjected into the actions of others, but our author here feels this is appropriate for the situation. I would not be surprised if he refuses to eat tacos for fear of “cultural misappropriation”.

    Unfortunately, these type of rants are exactly what fuels the far-right and propels us on the left into obscurity. Mr. Johnson’s pointed thoughts are cannon fodder for the likes of Fox News! Opinions like this hardly compel one to consider the point at hand and rather provoke one into the other side of the ring – even if one does not actually belong there ideologically. Mr. Johnson does more to hurt his opinion than to benefit it (unless you are named “Melissa” above).

    This was a terrible fucking article. Any seventh-grade English teacher would be miserable reading it. As for an English professor, I have no doubt they would turn to the bottle. I already forgot what the fuck we were talking about – all I remember is that this was the worst writing I have seen outside of what might be written on a wall one would piss on.

  9. No wonder we see hordes of white men protesting in the streets. Because of this relentless anti white propaganda in the media and in real life. Its everywhere. Whats really sick about it is its mostly white journalists and activists perpetuating it. Virtue signlaling their way into race betrayal.

    As a half white i would gladly stand with pro whites at this point. I didnt even give a shit about race a year ago…and then every white liberal journalist started making EVERYTHING (even math) about “whiteness” as if to imply that being white was bad. Its a typical scenario of great people (whites) being hated for being great. Being hated for being themselves and for being succsessful.

    At this point peaceful segregation is the only answer. That or civil war. Whites need to wake the fuck up before they become a slave minority in the countries they built.

    Im fed up with anti white racism. My mother is white and beautiful. We love all races and people. We believe each has a right to their own destiny. We are not “one” we are many.

    Because of this kind of anti white propaganda we are and will be seeing a massive pro white movement that will include many non racist whites and the outcome will not be pretty. And many POCs will stand with those whites because many of them also see through the Bolshevik-esque war being waged against whites in America and Europe.

  10. Is a portion of my tuition paying for this piss-poor “journalism”? I sure hope not.

    Jake, when you make a claim, especially a claim about an entire category of people, such as the claim that “white people are sick”, it’s best practice to actually include some kind of supporting evidence or reasoning for your claim. Failing to do so just makes you look like an inarticulate ideologue who doesn’t have evidence on his side. Aside from that, it just looks like edgy buzzfeed garbage.

    If you’re concerned with the well-being of the democratic party and want us to win the midterm election, as I sure as hell do, it would do us all well if you would stop alienating 69% of the voting population with your unsubstantiated anti-white rhetoric. Rather than relying on edgy hyperbole that offers nothing for the improvement of public discourse, take responsibility for the things you write and put forth some effort into saying something meaningful. You might end up making a real, benevolent contribution that way.

  11. Really disappointed that this article is a representation of PSU. I hope my tuition isn’t going towards such lazy and unintelligent writing. It’s frankly embarrassing. There are little to no relevant facts to uphold large claims such as ” ‘white people’ are sick”. We as a people need to stop being so judgmental and rude. Seriously. Have you ever stopped to consider what life is like for small rural towns in Alabama, or anywhere in the USA for that matter? I’m sure some people aren’t aware that elections are happening, or they were taught not to care, or they don’t have the means to gain to education on who, what, when, where, why or how they should cast their vote. It’s extremely lazy to jump to the conclusion that people don’t care. Lazy. Laaaaazy, lazy, lazy.

    And c’mon dude, did you really need to use the word “fuck” so many times?


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