Move to Portland!

I first decided to move to Portland in search of something I’d never had before.

It was almost as if I was effortlessly drawn to all the unique and interesting things this city had to offer. I wanted to experience everything about this strange, rainy city full of coffee, trees, man-buns and hippies. Since calling Portland my home, I could never imagine why anyone would choose not to move to Portland.

It is hard to tell exactly what makes this city so easy to love and it’s even more difficult trying to explain what makes it unlike any other. Portland is undoubtedly weird; it is full of quirky food carts that require you to ride a bike to blend your own smoothies, doughnuts shaped like genitals and free-spirited hippies whose only agenda is to save the last bit of Earth, but the city’s weirdness is only half of what makes moving here so irresistible.

Portland’s atmosphere makes it one of the most captivating cities because there is an undeniable buzz, almost as if some sort of energy drives everyone within the city. It is a city of excitement and restlessness, yet at the same time it remains calm and welcoming.

The streets of downtown Portland provide an electrifying vibe as any random walk can lead to street performers, farmers markets, concerts in the park or rallies or protests. It feels impossible to become bored within the city, yet it never becomes overwhelming. As if perfectly balanced, this city offers the best of urban life while never straying too far from the quiet found in coffee shops.

One of the best things about Portland is that no matter what kind of person you are—a hippie, a hipster, an Earth saver, a liberal, a soccer fan, a basketball lover or a music fanatic—you can find people and places that match your passion. Even if you are a beer connoisseur, a coffee addict, a vegan or a food junkie, you can find hidden gems within the city that will lead you to the right spot and the right people.

And no matter who you are or how you look, Portland will graciously accept you. The people within the city take pride in individualism and not only accept uniqueness but view it as empowerment rather than estrangement. This is a city where you can truly be yourself because we take you as you are.

The city is perfect for introducing you to brand new things. Portland is packed with culture and not only opens you up to new people who come from extremely different backgrounds but can open you up to other ideas and mindsets that once felt foreign. Portland has a sneaky way of bringing new things into your life with all the new opportunities for experience.

Portland has it all. Between coffee shops and bars on every corner, the chance to experience diversity and culture, the art and music and the city’s vibrant atmosphere itself, moving to Portland becomes irresistible.