Nazi propaganda decorates PCC campus over holiday break

Seven unidentified people littered Portland Community College's Cascade campus with dozens of white supremacist, anti-semitic and Neo-Nazi propaganda. Photo: Anonymous source.

Just one day after campus closed for the holidays, vandals littered the Portland Community College Cascade campus with dozens of white supremacist, anti-semitic and neo-Nazi propaganda.

According to PCC Public Safety, between 8 and 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 23, seven unidentified individuals caught on security cameras posted the flyers and stickers across the campus on N Killingsworth St. and N Kerby Ave in North Portland, an area largely considered a historically Black neighborhood.

“The messages that were contained within [the flyers and stickers] do not mesh at all with the values that we hold here,” said Public Safety Sergeant Erik Hargrove.

The administration and Public Safety offices received several complaints, but according to Hargrove, officers were not able to address the incident as a public safety issue until they returned from PCC’s campus closure on Dec. 27.

Hargrove said complainants had torn down many of the flyers and stickers prior to their response, but on Dec. 26, dozens of propaganda materials remained.

Swastika stickers were found on telephone poles and street signs along N Commercial Ave. between the school library and McMenamins Chapel Pub. The suspects wheat-pasted dozens of “it’s ok to be white” signs on school signs, poles, bus stops and electrical boxes on or adjacent to campus. An anti-interracial marriage sticker adorned a stop sign near the Public Safety office on N Killingsworth St.

Several neo-Nazi recruitment flyers were identical to those found near Portland State earlier this month. Flyers depicted a seemingly anti-Marxist image of a bald eagle capturing a hammer and sickle, with the phrase “not here, not ever” written below.

At the bottom of the flyer, readers are directed to a website for the group Patriot Front. The group was founded by 18-year-old Texan Thomas Rousseau, who was seen marching alongside James Alex Fields at August’s Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Va. Fields has since been charged with first-degree murder after ramming his car into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing 32-year-old Heather Heyer.

Patriot Front’s website dubs their statement of values “The American Fascist Manifesto,” which seems to call for a white ethno-state within America.

The PCC Cascade media relations team has reached out the college’s president for comment.

Hargrove said informational flyers were distributed to nearby community members and public safety departments of nearby institutions. Jefferson and Rosemary Anderson High Schools are each one block away from campus.

The flyer, available on PCC’s website, shows security footage snapshots of the seven suspects and two vehicles.

Screenshot from PCC Public Safety’s website, with stills of security footage of people who allegedly distributed Nazi propaganda flyers and stickers on campus.

This incident is one of several recorded across the Pacific Northwest this month. Representatives from Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crimes has requested that anyone finding similar propaganda contact them through the coalition’s Facebook page.

Anyone with additional information is asked to contact PCC Public Safety at (971) 722-4902.

This is a developing story. Please check back for additional coverage.


  1. Are the authors of this article mentally handicapped?

    The following is not nazi propaganda:
    This is obviously an anti-communist message and a pro capitalism message.

    Only 2 of these stickers would be considered nazi propaganda. The Swastika stick is obviously a nazi symbol and the Jew rubbing his hands together is as well.

    “It’s ok to be white” is not nazi propaganda. IT ACTUALLY IS OK TO BE WHITE, despite the efforts of democrats to demonize lack of pigment.

    White lives matter is just a counter slogan to the ridiculous campaign of “black lives matter”

    • White ethnostates and white nationalism are racist, fascist garbage and these images and slogans are linked to them. These are people who literally want to wipe out/enslave non-whites and establish their own state on that basis, their “beliefs” are inexcusable and indefensible .
      Also, the point of BLM is to draw attention to the statistics that point out the absurdly unbalanced level of policing and imprisonment of Black/Brown folks despite largely parallel crime rates across racial lines. It has nothing to do with white folks other than drawing their attention to a very real social issue that doesn’t affect them because they’re not a person of color. And turning it around to say “white lives matter” is offensive because it ignores that plea. Of course white lives matter/all lives matter, but they’re trying to focus on a social issue that doesn’t affect white lives the same way.
      At the very least you should pay attention to the the fact that folks happy to spread the greedy Jewish caricature and swastika are using those same “Not nazi” slogans alongside them and feel represented by them.

    • Of course it’s fascist propaganda, being pasted up by fascists. It’s just that fascists are so hated and so cowardly now they don’t even have the guts call themselves what they are.

      Obviously, these are all skinny, weak people from the photos. they know they have to hide, so they do. Obviously, it’s a dying movement on its last leg after this summer, and this is the dying gasp of it. Their lives would be utterly destroyed if they did this publicly.

      What a bunch of cowards.

    • I’m tempted to believe the first ones who noticed the posters who disagreed with them, put up some posters of their own in an effort to discredit the message. The swastika might have been put up afterward, for such a reason. Maybe, maybe not. But surely possible. It’s not beyond groups like Antifa to do such things. Members of these Marxist leftist student groups are always talking about how they need to get rid of whitey.

  2. Are there better resolution pictures? People may be able to identify these folks if you released them to the groups that are tracking and combating PNW fascists.

  3. @Stompdafash, Nobody in the identitarian/alt-right movement wants to enslave/wipe-out non-whites. With the exception of a few a-holes, they want everyone to be prosperous and happy in their homelands. They would like to end wars so that those people can succeed and feel safe building their countries up. Third world countries stagnate because their intellectual capital leaves the country. It’s a tragedy. Nearly all in the “alt-right” just want have a country where people of European ancestry can live free of the racial strife the left stirs up, and control their immigration policy, as to not have to live with the anxiety of wondering if their people will be pushed aside as whites currently are in all of their countries of origin, including their ancestral homelands in Europe. Every other race and ethnicity has a place they call home where they’re the majority and have immigration policies reflecting the interests of the people. Identitarians/alt-right want all people to have this ethnic security within their homelands. The united states was 95% European lineage before the effects of the 1965 immigration changes took effect. The Marxist leftist values espoused by the Vanguard come from destructive efforts toward the values that built this country. This article is discredited by the fact that it gives no distinction between the differing opinions among this group, and by the fact that Vanguard frequently publishes stories that lump together all right wing people as Nazis without acknowledging differing opinions within that group.


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