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No team is unbeaten in NFL

It is the sixth week of the 2002 NFL season and as usual it has cracked up to be interesting from all angles. There’s been action in every game and, of course, intense battles down to the wire. Teams battle each other week-in and week-out to earn wins and respect for their teams.

There are many teams in the driver’s seat right now, in contention to take the lead. There have definitely been some surprises with San Diego leading the AFC West division with a record of 5-1. The Chargers are off to a promising start and have shown they can contend with the best of ’em.

Of course, a great surprise to everyone has been the sub-par play of the St. Louis Rams, displaying a record of 1-5. Granted they have hit the injury bug, with Marshall Faulk, arguably the best player in football last season, fighting a neck injury and seeing limited time on the field in 2002. Then there is quarterback Kurt Warner, last season’s MVP who was sent back to the sideline with a broken thumb in his first few games this season. Although Warner was not his usual self in the first games of the season, he was still a leader for his team. The sidelined Warner’s leadership is absent, and it may hurt the team’s chances of turning their record around for the playoffs. The Rams remain one of the last-place teams in the NFC thus far.

Similar to about six seasons ago, the 49ers (4-1) and Packers (5-1) are battling for bragging rights in the NFC. The Niners unleash a potent offense every time they take the field. They have a plethora of offensive weapons, such as Garrison Hearst, Terrell Owens and Jeff Garcia, who can beat defenses from all angles.

Brett Favre continues to take snaps as the starting quarterback for the Packers. Some say Favre is getting old, yet he is still able to drop back 40 times a game and make the decisions for his team to win ball games.

Another team that may be turning heads is the New Orleans Saints, led by quarterback Aaron Brooks. Brooks may be a young talent, but he’s one that can throw lasers in any direction with precise accuracy. The scary part is the quickness and athletic ability he has behind that throw to buy himself time in the pocket or scramble for extra yards on a broken play. Brooks can stand proud of his team in the sixth week, with their record at an impressive 5-1.

Last, but not least, is the Oakland Raiders. An older veteran team should never be counted out for the sole reason that they are smarter than other teams. The Raiders offer a pressing defense and nothing but efficiency on the offensive side. Rich Gannon has the balls to make the decisions, while Jerry Rice and Tim Brown finish the plays and add to the “Ws” in the win column. One of my favorite teams and my choice to surpass the rest this season: the Oakland Raiders, record 4-1.