Akrasia laughing at her booth. Eric Shelby/PSU Vanguard

Photo Profile: Akrasia

Nov. 12, 2022 – PSU Farmers Market 

“I have always wanted to do vanlife, I had some friends doing it in Maui so I moved to Maui and then I got a homie in NOLA who does typewriter stuff—and so I went to lightning in a bottle and I was on acid, and they had this post office with a bunch of typewriters, and I was like tripping balls using a typewriter for the first time in my life and it changed my life, so I got a typewriter and it literally changed my life. I got back into poetry and realized that ‘oh wait, I can do the same thing my homie does in NOLA.’ So I’ve done this in different farmers markets. It’s great, the most I’ve made at a farmers market is like $170, which is fucking nuts just for like community support, you know? Lots of people are like here’s $20. A $20 poem? Sometimes I feel bad but it’s all community support and that’s the most beautiful part. I’m always like ‘get a typewriter.’ You’re never without money if you have something to offer.”


Where did you get your typewriter from?


“I got like four. Yeah, never paid more than 100 bucks on one. I feel like people nowadays are drawn to like nostalgic, I don’t know, like old video game consoles and typewriters and there’s some type of novelty to it, it’s cool.”


So you have people come up to you and say they want a poem?


“They’re usually like ‘what’s going on here?’ or they hear the clicking and they’re like ‘wassup?’”