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Promises, Promises

Another academic year begins at Portland State University with the requisite new students and those who have already persisted for one, two, ten years or more.

Each year the entering freshmen and transfer students breathe new life into the university. Whether it be new perspectives, new ambitions or even as simple as a new club on campus, the entering students bring a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm; hopefully feeling un-jaded and unbounded in the possibility and promise of what may come.

Counterbalancing this enthusiasm are those who have endured the inevitable disorganization, discomfort and academic dreams turned to disaster. But that is the life of the university. Between these two polarities are the plans, promises and projects that have been resuscitated year after year only to find a new way to be smothered.

This year, however, the Vanguard refuses to forget a few of theses. In a discussion among the editors and writers of the Vanguard, dozens of the “Whatever happened to … ?” type questions were posed. Where is the Food for Thought Student Caf퀌�, that promised environmentally conscious cafeteria choices (and has received student fee money)? Where is the Walk of Heroines that has yet to be walked upon? The list continued to grow.

For this back to school issue, several writers’ explore the most urgent of these subjects: Ira Kortum laments the apparently interminable lack of progress in the student Senate, Matthew Hein climbs the unending quest and history of the still yet to be seen rock wall and Ryan Hume fears the future of Oregon education and the promises that will inevitably be broken.