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PSU should address dental care needs

During my experience at PSU, I have come to learn there are many services that need to be more accessible for all students. One of the most important services that is lacking is the health and dental care the university offers. As you know, ASPSU has been campaigning and rallying student support for the administration to work on getting more services for students. At the start of the term, ASPSU rallied with the “Dental Door of Pain” to raise awareness of the state of our dental coverage with the university.

In my opinion, current health care options need to be rethought and revised to obtain dental coverage. I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount of student fee increases to meet the costs of the dental plan, if the university decides to purchase insurance for students. Also, I think it would be in the best interests of the students to support the campaign to obtain affordable dental insurance. Not only will the students’ health benefit from having dental coverage, but also their academic career will be much less painful and much more enjoyable.

While students are struggling to pay tuition as well as living expenses, the costs of uninsured dental care would hold a tremendous burden on the lives of many students at PSU. Despite the fact that the student health fees would rise, the overall cost increase for insurance would cost much less than the costs of dental care without insurance. Dental care is a primary need for all people, so please when you see ASPSU staff campaigning and rallying to fight for dental care, support them, join them and fight with them.

Tyler Warne

ASPSU senator