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Riding the great American rails

Amtrak is a scenic and nostalgic way to travel within the Northwest. Regularly scheduled trains run to Eugene, Salem, Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia and intermittent stops.

Traveling outside of the region, train travel can be expensive and time-consuming. But if you’re looking for a unique travel experience while soaking up local personalities and flavor, Amtrak provides just that.

Train travel is about the experience and excitement of riding the romantic rails that were once the only way to travel coast to coast.

A recent government bail out of Amtrak’s finances gives you one last chance to see a non-interstate America.

Ways to save:

-Often times advanced reservations give you good travel times and savings.

-You can buy a student advantage card for $20, which provides students with a 15 percent discount, although there are some restrictions for travel times.

-You can save 35 percent if you book online before Nov. 11 and travel before Dec. 13. The only requirement is buying your tickets two days in advance.

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