DeVos to discreetly visit Oregon public school on Oct. 11

United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, is expected to visit McMinnville High School on Wednesday, Oct. 11 for a discreetly publicised event. The visit is closed to the general public, despite the location being at a public high school.

According to the McMinnville School District’s website, Sec. DeVos requested the visit “to learn about the excellent instructional practices making a difference for students.” However, DeVos is a strong supporter in defunding public education and eliminating financial resources for college students across the U.S. In addition, DeVos recently moved to roll back regulations involving sexual assault cases within U.S. college institutions.

MSD’s website states DeVos “is not scheduled to speak” at the closed event but sources from Facebook have announced that DeVos can expect to be greeted by local protestors outside the high school around 1 p.m.

McMinnville High School is located at 615 N.E. 15th St., McMinnville, Oregon.