Sellwood Pet Supply the purr-fect adoption & supply center for cats and dogs

Sellwood Pet Supply is located in the heart of Portland’s Sellwood neighborhood, a quick drive or bike from the SE Park Street Orange Line MAX station, and has been my go-to for the past nine months—ever since I adopted my dog Otter. It always carries his kibble, I can always find a cheap (or not-so cheap) toy to spoil him with, and the staff is always friendly and available to answer questions about its products, or give a recommendation for good dog parks.

Sellwood Pet Supply provides the area with supplies for dogs, cats and small animals, and uses a variety of local vendors. It hosts independent dog trainers and a multitude of events throughout the year.

It prides itself not only on being a involved in the community, but also on its ability to give to its neighbors. For Halloween they were open to trick-or-treaters: adults, children and canines alike. It even sold last-minute costumes. For the holidays, the store will be involved in Decemberville as a part of Sellwood/Westmoreland Business Alliance’s celebration of community and local businesses. It will have a photo booth for families and pets.

I recently spoke with Amy Walters, owner of Sellwood Pet Supply. “Our main focus is on pet nutrition and wellness,” Walters said. It stocks products which fall on the good-better-best scale, meaning you can find high quality food for your pet and also avoid breaking the bank. Sellwood Pet Supply also “aims to educate people on nutrition because there’s so much misinformation out there,” Walters said.

In addition to stocking the store with a variety of quality products, the store frequently holds adoption events on the weekends in partnership with a number of different rescues in Portland. “A lot are foster-based…it lets potential adopters have a space to meet with the animals,” Walters said. Ultimately, the store aims to show its appreciation to its community. Nail trimming on Saturdays. Sidewalk sales. Seasonal products. It is an active part of the neighborhood which frequently goes above and beyond.

Speaking of adoption, Seymour the 12-year-old cat has been the store cat and up for adoption since June. “Seymour is a really easy-going, social, friendly, spry 12-year-old cat,” adoption coordinator Deanna Lukes said. “He just wants to chill and sit on your lap.” He is already accustomed to sitting at the office’s desk while staff members work; could he maybe help you with your homework?

He has a smoker’s meow, and is okay with other mellow dogs and cats. Seymour is litterbox trained, has his house manners, and would be at ease in an apartment. “He’s super sweet and loveable,” Lukes said. “He’s just an old man who has a lot of years left.”

Any cat adopted out of the store requires a $50 adoption fee, and comes with a spay/neuter, updated vaccinations, FeLV/FIV test, a wellness check health exam, a microchip and a pet license.

Seymour does have a couple of conditions due to his age. He has a heart murmur and a benign cyst on his head, but neither of these require any medication. “His needs are really simple, and it’s very easy to accommodate him,” Lukes said.

Stop by Sellwood Pet Supply and visit Seymour or pick up a few things for your own pets.